Pinning an Asset (Web)

Did you know you can pin assets to a workspace? This prevents them from being moved or resized.

To pin an asset to your workspace:

  1. Click on an asset to select it. A blue boundary box surrounds it, and a toolbar displays. You can also group select multiple assets to pin all of them at the same time (see below).

  2. From the toolbar, click the image-1607442806714 (Pin) icon; it will illuminate when active.
    Pin Click

  3. If you do not see the Pin icon in the toolbar, click the Dot (More) icon, then click the Pin option in the context menu.

The asset is now pinned to the workspace and in a stationary position. A pin indicator will display when you try to move or resize a pinned asset.

To unpin the asset, re-select the Pin icon/option.

Group Select and Pin

When you group select a group of assets containing a pinned asset, you can only move and resize the un-pinned assets in the group. A image-1607442806714 pin indicator will display to identify the pinned asset in the group.

Note: In order to resize or move the pinned asset, you must unpin it.

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