Creating a collage with Popsync

We all know that Bluescape is a great tool for collaboration. You can easily create and then present something to your colleagues, discuss new design concepts or decide what movie you would like to watch with your friends. But what about creating some art? :art:

Of course, Bluescape is not a Figma or Photoshop, however, I believe you can create something interesting and beautiful by using only tools available in our workspace. Just be creative :wink:

After we launched Popsync I realized that it gives us a lot of new opportunities for how we can use workspaces. One of my ideas was to create a collage by using images from Popsync searches. And the best part is that you don’t need to leave your workspace to find some images, just select ones you like from the search results and move them to your canvas. Super easy!

Here is my result:

You can see it live in my workspace as well.

Looking forward to new workspace and Popsync-related features that will help users to work with images even more efficiently. And I’m really happy to be part of the development team :slight_smile: