Planning a Photo Book Gift in a Workspace 📷

Last summer, I spent a couple weeks at my family’s beach house with my girlfriend, and I wanted to make a photo book for her birthday with all the best pictures we took. However, I had A LOT of pictures, and I had trouble choosing which ones to include in the photo book. I decided to put together all the pictures I like the most and ask my family and our friends for their feedback on which ones they think I should put in the photo book. That’s when I thought of Bluescape - Bluescape thrives on visual content and collaboration, so I realized it would be the perfect tool to use for this! Here is how I did it:

Phase 1: Planning & Categorizing Photo Themes

I wanted to make it simple for my family and friends to select their favorite pictures, so I decided to organize the workspace by themes: food, beach/sunsets, flowers/houses, photos of us, and babysitting (my girlfriend worked as a babysitter and made great memories with the kid she looked after, so I thought it would be a good theme to include). I created a canvas for each theme and uploaded all the corresponding pictures in each canvas. Finally, I created an empty canvas for the “favorite photos” where I would add the 25 photos (5 per theme) that received the most likes.

Phase 2: Inviting Collaborators to Select Photos

I reached out to my family and friends and asked them for their help with this gift. They first needed to sign up for a free Bluescape Go account (which takes about 2mins). Then, I invited each of them to the workspace and told them to pick their five favorite photos from each canvas by adding a heart emoji. And that was it! They all jumped into the workspace and had fun looking at and selecting their favorite photos.

Phase 3: Picking Final Faves

The last step was very easy – all I had to do was click and drag the 5 most liked photos from each canvas into the “favorite photos” canvas, and I had the 25 photos for my photo book! Engaging with and including my family and friends in the selection process was a lot more fun than going through all the photos myself, and Bluescape made it very easy!

…and now we wait for the Photo Book to arrive!