Using Image Curation in Bluescape

Image Curation enables users to create and manage image collections. Registered users can freely download unlimited Popsync images from the collections to their local drive, while unregistered users are limited to downloading up to two images.

Additionally, you can easily incorporate images from your personal library into your workspace. For detailed instructions on how to add content from a computer to a workspace, refer to Adding Content from a Computer to a Workspace.

Curate a new collection

  1. Select or hover over at least one image in the workspace.

  2. Select :checkmark: (Add to collection) on the image or toolbar if selected.

  3. Continue selecting and adding images from your workspace to the new collection.

  4. In the Collected box that appears, you will see a count of images in your collection. Select New canvas > Add images.

  5. A new canvas is created for your collection. You may rename it by editing the canvas title.

This creates a new collection that you can continue to add images to.

Add images to an existing collection

To add more images to your collection:

  1. Hover over a single image or use Shift+select to select multiple images.

  2. Hover over your selection. Select :checkmark: (Add to collection).

  3. The Collected box appears in the lower right corner. Use the dropdown box to select an existing canvas collection (or create a new one), then select Add images

  4. The images will be added to the canvas, and you will be redirected to the collection.

Export a canvas

For information on exporting a curated canvas from your workspace, read How to Export Content from a Workspace .

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: