Using Image Curation in Bluescape

Image Curation allows users to create and manage their curated image collections, allowing them to save and share their workspace with anyone. All users can add an unlimited number of images to their collection. Registered users can download unlimited images to their local drive, and unregistered users can download up to two images.

To add images using Popsync :poppy::

  1. Upload an image or perform a Popsync image search. :poppy:
  2. Select the image you would like to add to your collection.
  3. A dialog box appears. Select Add to collection.
  4. Under Collected, add to an existing or the default collection or create a new collection.

    Adding Popsync images to a Collection

To add images from your personal collection:

  1. On the Content toolbar, select :add_content: (Add content).
  2. The Add content box appears. Select :upload: (Upload).
  3. An Upload files box appears. You can drag and drop a file for immediate upload or select Select from your computer to browse your drive.
  4. Once you have selected a file (use CTRL+select/CMD+select to choose multiple files for upload), select Open. The images appear in your workspace.

Image curation is a fast and easy way to pull together ideas and inspiration.

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