Placing Assets in a Workspace

Using workspaces to create presentations, apply pre-built templates, and structure workflow diagrams, you can access various tools to perform workspace activities. You can navigate the environment with greater ease if you understand the functionality of these tools and features relative to asset placement and positioning.

Uploading assets

You can select, resize, move, and cancel an asset while uploading it to your workspace. You also can add comments to the asset while the upload is in progress. You are neither blocked from interaction nor forced to await transfer completion; instead, you can continue your workflow. This is helpful when uploading large or multiple assets.

After you’ve uploaded an image or video to a workspace, you can access the Image/video size modal from the :more_options: (Workspace Settings) menu within the workspace to reset or change dimensions.

Select either Matching size or Original size.

  • Matching size ensures multiple images and videos upload as a uniform size.
  • Original size ensures the upload of different-sized image and video content remain their original size in the workspace.

A blue or white circle pulses on the element while the object uploads to the workspace. The upload is complete when the animation ends and the content is fully visible. While the asset loads, your actions are visible to other workspace collaborators.

Uploading multiple assets

A Grid modal opens before workspace placement when you upload multiple assets. Here, you can designate the number of rows and columns, determining asset layout.

To upload assets and determine the row/column layout:

  1. Identify multiple assets for upload.
  2. Select :add_content: (Add content) on the workspace toolbar.
  3. Select :upload: (Upload).
  4. Navigate to the content you want to upload, select them, then select Open. A modal opens before asset workspace placement, allowing you to determine the number of rows and columns used to display the selected assets.
  5. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) controls to designate your preferred number of rows and columns, then select Place. The assets now reside in your workspace per your row/column layout specifications.

Placement preview

When you select an object from the content toolbar and hover over the workspace, you can preview its shape and size before placing it into position. You can preview several assets, including; shapes, notecards, and text boxes. In addition, you can align these objects before placing them.

The preview appears in a blue hue. The fuchsia alignment edge ensures precise positioning.

Returning grouped assets to their original size

You can select multiple assets (whether they exist in your workspace or you are performing an upload) and collectively return these assets to their original size. This action promotes time efficiency, as you do not have to resize assets individually; instead, you can group select and modify them simultaneously.

  1. Group-select the objects you want to resize.
  2. Select :more_options: (More options).
  3. From this menu, select Style, then Reset.

    Since these assets are now resized, you may click the Grid icon from the Alignment option to reorganize them – designating the preferred number of rows and columns.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: