Attaching Workspace Assets

You can attach assets to each other in a workspace, grouping the objects together to be manipulated as a single item. Often time, this is helpful for notetaking, feedback, and brainstorming activities.

Attaching workspace assets:

  1. Select the item you wish to attach to another asset.

  2. Select :more_options: (More options) on the object toolbar.

  3. Select Attach. The border around the asset becomes pink.

Alternatively, you can press A on your keyboard to use the Attach keyboard shortcut.

  1. Drag the selected asset onto the asset you want to attach it to. A pink boundary box flashes around both assets, indicating they are now attached.

The asset that you selected first and dragged onto the other is the “child” asset, while the asset you attached the child asset to is the “parent” asset. When you resize the parent asset, the child is resized to scale, however a child asset can always be resized independent of the parent asset.

Note: If you copy and paste attached assets across workspaces, they retain their attached state.

BluePro Tip: Attach assets together to appear as a single object in present mode.

Detaching assets

You can detach an individual child asset from a group, or detach all assets from each other,

To detach an individual child asset:

  1. Select the child asset you wish to remove.

  2. Select :more_options: (More options), then Detach.

  3. The child asset is now separated from the group and can be moved independently. You can also click the child asset and drag it outside of the attached group to detach it.

To detach all assets from a group:

  1. Select the entire group of assets, ensuring all are highlighted by the blue bounding box.

  2. Select :more_options: (More options).

  3. Select Detach all. Each asset in the group is detached; any action performed on one does not impact the others.

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Are there limitations on what you can/cannot attach? I was trying to attach a shape to an image, but it wasn’t working.

Hi @HMarine waiting to confirm specific attachment limitations.

When testing in a workspace, I found that you can attach a shape to an image. However, when you try to attach an image to the shape, the attach feature isn’t recognized. Is this what you were experiencing?

To achieve the same outcome, a workaround would be to attach the shape to the image:

Attaching shape to image

@kristeno I’m actually not able to perform either operation. See screen recording.
I tried both attaching the shape to the image and the image to the shape.
Allbound to Salesforce | Deal Reg Process

Hi @HMarine, sorry that you’re experiencing trouble with attaching objects. Both cases, attaching shapes to images or vice versa are supported, though there are some subtle nuances. One clarifying question, is it possible that in your case, the shape is in a canvas? Attaching shapes to images within a canvas is allowed, unfortunately the reverse, attaching images to shapes within a canvas is not allowed.

Yes, everything is inside a canvas. I’m still not able to attach in either direction (an image to a shape or a shape to an image). Not sure what I’m doing wrong :frowning:

@HMarine, again apologies that you’re experiencing trouble with the attach feature. It appears this may be a bug. Ive asked my team to investigate this issue. I will follow-up when it is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

@HMarine , I wanted to follow up to see if you are still experiencing this issue. Thank you