Attaching Workspace Assets

You can attach one asset to another in a workspace, allowing you to perform one or more actions (such as moving, pinning, deleting, or duplicating) on a group of assets simultaneously. This promotes time efficiency, since you do not have to perform the same action on each asset individually.

To attach an asset:

  1. While in selection mode (i.e., Pan mode is turned off), click the desired asset to select it.
  2. A blue border surrounds the asset, and a toolbar displays. Click the Dot (More) icon in the toolbar.
  3. A context menu opens. Click the Attach to… option.

    The border around the asset becomes pink. Alternatively, you can press A on your keyboard to use the Attach keyboard shortcut.
  4. Drag the selected asset onto the asset you want to attach it to. A pink boundary box flashes around both assets, indicating they are now attached.
  5. Repeat these steps to attach additional assets.

Any action performed on one asset is now performed on each. In addition, if you copy and paste attached assets across workspaces, they retain their attached state.

The asset that you selected first and dragged onto the other is the “child” asset, while the asset you attached the child asset to is the “parent” asset. In the example below, the tangerine notecard is about to be dragged onto the white notecard. The tangerine notecard is the child asset, while the white notecard is the parent asset.

Once the assets are attached, the parent asset can be resized, but the child asset can not.

Note : Attached assets appear as a single slide in Present mode.

Detaching Assets

You can detach an individual child asset from a group, or detach all assets from each other,

To detach an individual child asset:

  1. Click the child asset to select it.
  2. The asset is framed by a blue boundary, and a toolbar appears. Click the Dot (More) icon.
  3. From the menu that appears, select Detach. The child asset is now separated from the group.

You can also click the child asset and drag it outside of the attached group to detach it.

To detach all assets from a group:

  1. Click the entire group of assets. A toolbar appears.
  2. Click the Dot (More) icon from the toolbar.
  3. Select Detach all. Each asset in the group is detached; any action performed on one does not impact the others.