Pinning Content in a Workspace

Pinning content in a workspace prevents them from being moved or resized.

Pin an individual object

To pin content to your workspace:

  1. Click or tap on an asset to select it. A boundary box surrounds it, and a toolbar displays.

  2. select :pin: (Pin) from the object’s toolbar.
    The asset is now pinned to the workspace and in a stationary position. A red pin indicator appears when you try to move or resize a pinned asset.

  3. To unpin, select :unpin: (Unpin) in the object’s toolbar.
    Pin a single object

Pin a group of objects

To pin multiple assets simultaneously:

  1. Group select the content.

  2. Select :pin: (Pin).

  3. To unpin, group select the content again and select :unpin: (Unpin).
    Pinning multiple objects
    Note: When you group select content containing a pinned object, you cannot move and resize the unpinned assets in the group. A :pin: (Pin) indicator identifies the pinned asset in the group.
    To resize or move the grouped assets, you must :unpin: (Unpin) all objects. To select objects around a pinned object, use CTRL+Shift+Select (CMD+Shift+Select on Mac OS).

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: