How to Export Content from a Workspace

You can download workspace content in a variety of formats, dependent on what you are exporting.

Exporting a Single Asset

  1. Open the workspace with the asset you want to export.

  2. Select the object, in this case, a document.

  3. From here, you may either right-click on the asset or select :more_options: (More options) from the menu that appears.

  4. Select Export, then Download original.


  5. The asset downloads to your preferred download folder.

Exporting Multiple Assets

  1. Open a workspace containing the content you want to export.

  2. Group-select the assets.

  3. Select :more_options: (More options) on the toolbar or right-click menu.

  4. Select Export, then the file type you would like the content exported as.


  5. The assets download to your preferred download folder.

Download a Popsync or Curated Image Search Canvas

Popsync lets you download all assets on a particular Popsync Image Search canvas or a collection canvas to a .zip file.

  1. Log on to Bluescape or

  2. Select :poppy: (Poppy) for a Popsync search.

  3. After your collection populates, select the results canvas or :download: (Download) that appears when hovering your cursor over the canvas.

  4. If you selected the canvas, select :download: (Download) on the canvas toolbar. All images in the search canvas download to a .zip file to your default download folder.
    Download from canvas toolbar:

    Download on hover:


Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: