Download all my content with metadata from a workspace


As instructed by support im opening a ticket regarding our intent to download all files and metadata possible from Bluescape.

Our project is going to take some time to rise up again and I need to archive this, with the intention of restoring it in the future.

I have managed to connect to the API with help on another thread, but now I’d like some help about how to get this done.

Can you point me in the right direction?


Hello Jorge,

I’m happy to hear you could authenticate using Postman after capturing the Bearer Token directly. I will engage the appropriate contacts about possibly using an API to download all files and metadata from your workspaces in Bluescape. As soon as we have more information, we will respond here.

Best Regards,
Cody Bentley

Hello @spa_it_department ,

We don’t have a public bulk API for this type of export request. However, we have an API api/v3/workspaces/{workspace}/elements that can list all elements in a workspace. For elements that represent uploaded assets, like images, videos, and documents, the response will contain brief information regarding metadata about the assets and signed S3 URLs pointing to the assets themselves. Suppose you want to export all assets in a workspace using the API above. In that case, you will need to keep in mind that the download URLs provided expire in five minutes from the time of the query (in order to enforce access controls when users are removed from the workspace). So you may need to write your own script, which first queries api/v3/workspaces/{workspace}/elements to identify the element ids for all the elements you wish to download, then individually queries assets (using api/v3/workspaces/{workspace}/elements/{id} ) before downloading the returned URL.

Best Regards,
Cody Bentley