Quickly Capture Images from Videos

Demo of capturing an image of a live stream

Ways to incorporate this feature in your workflows :bulb:

  • Creative review: Isolate specific images from the video and provide feedback in real-time.
  • Repurpose video content: Create social media assets or video thumbnails from the image.
  • Presentation development: Use images from video to include in presentations.
  • Revisit later: Sometimes, there isn’t enough time in one meeting or collaborative session. Capture an image and review it in your own time, then hold another meeting or collaborative session to discuss it with team members involved in a project.

How to capture an image from a video

  1. Upload a video or stream live content.
    Note: For video uploads, you can pause at the frame you wish to screen capture for more accuracy.

  2. Select :capture: (Capture) on the video stream toolbar. A .png image with your capture appears to the right of your video.

From here, you can mark up the image with the pen tool, crop the image, leave notecards with feedback for other collaborators, add lines to pinpoint a specific area, export the image, add comments, and so much more.

You’re ready to open your workspace and use the capture tool! :bluescape_home: