Repurposing a Live Video Object Among Collaborators

Collaborators can quickly add their input source to an existing live video object or switch between member’s input sources during a collaborative session.

This is especially useful for live demos or presentations to keep participants focused. Repurposing existing video stream objects eliminates the need to navigate to a different object or add a new object.

To repurpose a live video object in your workspace:

  1. Locate an existing live video object.

  2. If a collaborator is not sharing their video, the object displays like the image above, and anyone in the workspace can share their input source. Select :video_play_button: (Play) on the object, and a dialogue box appears. Select your input type, set audio, and select Add live content.

    Learn more: Adding Live Video Content to a Workspace

  3. If a collaborator is finished sharing their video stream and wants another member to share their stream in the same object, they can detach their input source. Select :more_options: (More Options) on the live feed player. Then select Detach input source.

  4. This allows for another collaborator to use the same object to share their screen. See step 2 to share screen input.

*Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: