Adding Live Video Content to a Workspace

Support Note
Enabling Live content for a team is available to Bluescape Enterprise customers only. However, this feature remains accessible on scratch workspaces only for all tiers.
If you want to upgrade and enable this feature for your team, Reply to this topic for further assistance.

Enterprise users can share a live feed from anywhere using the Live content feature. This includes other browsers, video feeds, or HDMI/USB sources. This means that the Live content feed can be used anytime, not just during meetings, offering more versatility to users.

Bluescape supports multi-video players, where users can stream up to four live video feeds simultaneously in one workspace.

Add Live Content

To add Live content to your workspace, once enabled in your team:

  1. Select :add_content: (Add content) from the workspace content toolbar.

  2. Select :live_content: (Live content).

  3. On the Add live content screen, select your input by using the Select input type dropdown:

    • USB/HDMI feed
    • Screen share
    • Connected camera
  4. Select your Audio preferences by selecting the dropdown to Include or Do not include.

  5. Select Add live content. The selected input appears in your workspace.
    Live content demo

6. Re-size your Live content window as required.

After adding a Live content feed to your workspace, collaborators can follow along, creating an immersive collaborative viewing experience in the workspace. Collaborators can pause and play the video and detach/re-attach audio and video as needed.

Note: The screen share input is unavailable through the Desktop App. If you need to share your screen using the Live content feature, we recommend using Bluescape on the web.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home:

Can Bluescape please activate this feature for our account? I believe that we are on Enterprise and I’m not seeing this option when I’m using the tool. Thanks!

Hi @VCG :wave: I’ve submitted a ticket for this request. One of our awesome support agents will be in touch with you to work out the details. Thanks!