Copy Images from a Workspace and Paste to Other Applications

You can quickly copy an image from your workspace and paste it into other applications, such as Slack, Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and many other applications in your toolkit.

This saves you time, eliminating the need to export and upload images to external applications.

How reusing workspace content improves workflows :woman_technologist:

Pasting into instant messaging and emails

Copy and paste image(s) from your workspace into communication applications for stakeholder review/approval.

Pasting into presentations

Use workspace images in your next presentation to make it pop.

Pasting into team status updates

Include images from your workspace in status updates you share with your team.


Keeping notes

Keep a record of inspiring images in your personal notepad on your desktop to revisit later.

BluePro Tip: When copying and pasting an image from a workspace, save a link to the workspace from where you originally sourced the image so it’s easy to find later.

Copying an image from a workspace and pasting it to another application

To copy and paste an image:

  1. Open a workspace.
  2. Select an image using the :select: (Select) tool. Press Ctrl+C (Windows) or Command+C (Mac) on your keyboard, or use the right-click menu and select copy to copy the image to your clipboard.

  3. Open another application and press Ctrl+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac) on your keyboard to paste.

    Note: Currently, Bluescape does not support copying and pasting multiple images at once into other applications.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: