February 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Friday, February 10 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.

February has arrived, and for many people, that means cold weather, staying inside, and staying warm. But February is a great month for celebration! Have a look at our February Reasons to Celebrate, and find something to make every day in February a special one!


What’s new dialog

We’re proud to announce that starting this release, users can see new features when launching Bluescape. The What’s new dialog box appears in the product once after each release. Miss it? Want to see it again? No problem. Simply select :more_options: (More options) next to your workspace name and then Help > What’s new? to see it again.

Popsync similar image search

Popsync now gives you more of what you’re searching for. Using our Popsync Image Search, you can easily find similar images from within your Popsync image search results. Simply perform a Popsync search, select the result you’d like to see similar images of, and select :image_similar: (Show similar images) to view more specific image results.

Log on to Shutterstock from Popsync

Paid-subscription Bluescape users (Bluescape Pro, Business, and Enterprise tiers) are now able to log on to Shutterstock from within a Bluescape Workspace and search against your Shutterstock subscription library and retrieve images. Those with an existing Shutterstock subscription can also see the entire Shutterstock premium images library.

Download all search canvas assets

Download Search Canvas

This release gives all users the ability to easily download all assets from a Popsync Image Search Canvas to a .zip file. Just perform a Popsync image search of your choosing in Bluescape or from Popsync.io, then hover over the canvas and select :download: (Download). You can access your new .zip file containing your images at the bottom of the page.

Learn More: How to Export Content from a Workspace

Text auto-sizing

You asked, and we listened! The February release gives Bluescape users the ability to size their text automatically using the new Reduce to fit option in the font size menu, which is now enabled by default. Set your bounding box and enter your text. Drag to resize the box, and the text inside adjusts automatically. Text that has been automatically resized is noted with an asterisk in the font size box.

Using Bluescape, you also have the option to deselect the Resize to fit option and have a set font size which causes the shape to increase in height as additional text is added automatically.

Learn More: Adding Text to a Workspace (Web) - Using the Auto-Resize Text Feature

Video loop playback

Users can now loop video during playback. Users wishing to have a video asset on an infinite loop can now access the :more_options: (More options) menu below a video and toggle Loop video to on.

Learn More: Using the Bluescape Video Player (Web) - Looping a video

Social share

Social Share Demo

Share your workspace on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn! You can easily share a workspace with a thumbnail of your choosing on social networks. When an external user selects your link, they see exactly what they expect to see viewing the thumbnails.

Popsync search from Bluescape Home

Getting the content you want has never been easier with Popsync. We’ve added a Popsync search box to Bluescape Home, allowing users to get the images they want as quickly as possible.


Box search with Popsync for Bluescape enterprise customers

Enterprise customers can now add a search of a Box Drive location and make it available to users within your organization. Popsync searches the specified Box folder(s), which, once configured, appear as an image source when performing a Popsync search.

Note: This is a paid feature. Post a topic in Bluescape Support to have this feature enabled for your Enterprise.


Notes, Bug Fixes, & Improvements

Support for Apple Safari browser

With the March 2023 release, users who wish to use the Safari browser with Bluescape must upgrade to Safari 15.2 or higher.

Videos play in a Popsync workspace

Previously, when you accessed Popsync Image Search from Popsync.io, you were unable to play an uploaded video in your Popsync workspace. We’ve corrected this issue, and now you can upload and play videos in a Popsync workspace.

Simplified sign-up workflow experience

In previous versions, when attempting to sign up for Bluescape using Popsync.io and selecting your email verification link, you were taken to Bluescape Home, and your Popsync Workspace was no longer present. Now, when you attempt to sign up for Bluescape using Popsync.io, you see the saved/claim Popsync workspace, and you can continue your work as expected.

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