Using the Bluescape Video Player (Web)

Bluescape uses its native video player to operate recordings you upload to the workspace.

You can also use a Youtube video player instead of the Bluescape video player by copying and pasting the video’s YouTube URL into a workspace:

To interact with the Youtube video, double-select the pasted URL.

Note: The Bluescape video player supports a maximum file size of 150 MB.

Select here to see the full list of supported file formats and codecs.

Supported file formats:

  • MOV, MP4 (already supported)
  • MKV
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • WMV

Supported codecs inside the above formats:

  • H264 (already supported)
  • H265
  • AV1
  • V8, V9
  • MPEG2, MPEG1
  • ProRes (10,12 bits)

Uploading a Video

To access Bluescape’s video player:

  1. From your computer or cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive, upload a video file to the workspace. The video appears as a static image positioned on the first frame.

  2. Select once to interact with the image. A blue border with anchor points or notches now surrounds this asset, allowing you to perform actions such as adding a comment, adding a reaction, grabbing the anchor points to resize the image, and :more_options: more.

  3. Double-select to view the video and its controls. You may need to use the zoom feature (sometimes referred to as the Scroll In/Out feature) to bring this asset and all controls into view.

Video Controls

From left to right:

Control / Icon Description
:video_play_button: Play
:rewind: Rewind 10 seconds
:fast_forward: Fast forward 10 seconds
0:01/0:21 Current video time lapse/total video timeframe
:frames: Frame rate
:comments: Frame backward, frame forward
:volume: Volume control
:present: Video presentation control
:reactions: Reactions
:more_options: Context menu with additional options

Managing Volume

To control the video volume:

  1. Double-select the video.
  2. Select the :volume: (Volume) control. The volume control panel opens.
  3. Grab the notch and slide left or right to decrease or increase the volume.

Controlling Playback Speed

To control video playback speed:

  1. To rewind the video by 10 seconds, select the :rewind: (Rewind) control.
  2. To fast forward the video 10 seconds, select the :fast_forward: (Fast Forward) control.
  3. Manually control the playback speed by sliding the notch left or right, rewinding, or fast-forwarding to navigate the video file.

Adjusting Time Format

You can adjust the time format by selecting Time from the video controls:

There are two formats available:

  • hours:minutes:seconds
    Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.40.50 AM
  • current minutes:seconds / total minutes:seconds
    Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.38.21 AM

Managing Frame Rate

To change the video frame rate:

  1. Select the :frames: (Frames) control. If this control is not evident, manipulate the zoom feature until visible. The current number of frames per step will display.
  2. Select the frame number. A modal opens, displaying a range of numbers representing the frames per step.
  3. Select a value.
  4. Select outside the modal to close.
  5. Select the Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 12.58.50 PM (Frame Backward or Frame Forward) to proceed at the frame rate you selected. You will notice that the Frame Number – 174 in the image above – adjusts 24 frames per step. Pressing the Frame Backward control changes the Frame Number to 150 (which is 24 frames per step backward). Similarly, pressing the Frame Forward control changes the Frame Number to 198 (which is 24 frames per step forward). Frame navigation allows you to focus on specific sections of the video, moving forward or backward based on the frames per step you designate.

Presenting Video

To Present the video:

  1. Select the :present: (Present) control. The video will display in full-screen mode.
  2. To exit full-screen mode, press Esc on your keyboard. You also can select Exit, which now appears at the bottom right of the video controls.

You can use several keyboard shortcuts to impact video navigation as a video watcher or viewer. More specifically, you can perform these actions when the video controls are visible or the video is in full-screen mode. These actions, however, do not exist for video followers.

Looping a Video

You can set your video to play in an infinite loop by selecting the :more: (More options) button and toggling Loop video to On.

Video Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Play/Pause Spacebar: Press to Play; press again to Pause. This Play/Pause toggle functionality does not interfere with the workspace pan ON/OFF feature.
Down Arrow: Press to Play; press again to Pause.
Fast Forward Right Arrow: Pressing this key (in Play mode) allows you to fast forward per the number of seconds that aligns with the value designated for this control. (10 seconds, for example)
Frame Forward Right Arrow: Pressing this key (in Frame mode) allows you to move the video forward per the frame rate or designated frames per step.
Rewind Left Arrow: Pressing this key (in Play mode) allows you to rewind per the number of seconds that align with the value designated for this control. (10 seconds, for example)
Frame Backward Left Arrow: Pressing this key (in Frame mode) allows you to move the video backward per the frame rate or designated frames per step.

Want more? Read Bluescape Keyboard Shortcuts for additional tips to speed up your workflow.

While playing a video, you can pan, zoom, and interact with other workspace assets. You also can Sync a Video between a leader and followers. Video Sync is a premium feature. Contact your IT team to determine whether this feature is available to your organization.

Exiting Video Player

  1. Select to interact with the video. A blue border surrounds this asset.
  2. From the :more_options: (More) menu, select Close.

There is so much potential to connect and review content as a team in Bluescape.

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