November 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Friday, November 11 after 9 pm PST for impacted organizations.

With summer behind us and Christmas still on the horizon, we’re excited that November brings friends and family, football, and Thanksgiving for those in the U.S.! Bluescape’s latest features will have your Thanksgiving planning complete in no time! :football: :turkey: :fallen_leaf:


Accessibility Improvements

November brings an update for those using assistive technology to navigate Bluescape. Users can now:

  • Use their keyboard and screen reader
  • Add alt-text to content within the workspace
  • Access, select, move, add, and edit content in the workspace
  • Enable high-contrast mode

    Shortcuts appear at the top of the page when pressing the Tab key

Learn more: Bluescape Accessibility Statement

Popsync Updates

When using Popsync, you can auto-open the workspace search bar when searching from Also, users with an existing Getty account can now download original images using Popsync by authenticating to Getty.

Learn more: Bluescape’s Popsync FAQs

Enterprise License Tracking

Enterprise License users can now:

Learn more: Managing a Bluescape Subscription

Add-on Watermarking for Video Downloads

Enterprise customers who host sensitive and proprietary video assets within Bluescape workspaces can now add a burnt-in watermark to these assets before initiating the download process. This watermark burns in:

  • Email address of downloading user
  • Datestamp
  • IP Address
  • Customizable logo

Note: Watermarking is a paid feature available to Enterprise customers only.

Where to Next?

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