Managing a Bluescape Subscription

Support Note
This topic is only applicable to the Team and Business Bluescape package. See Bluescape Pricing for more information.

As a team owner or admin, you can manage the overall Bluescape subscription and make specific changes to your account that other team members will not have the ability to perform.

What is a Team Owner?

The team owner is the person who manages the Bluescape subscription. Their email is associated with the team’s account.

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What is an Admin?

Once a member is added to the team, the team owner can upgrade members to an admin role. Once admin status is granted, they will have all the capabilities of the team owner. See the above topic for more information.

Team Management Page

The Team Icon (Team) icon in the dashboard is visible to the team owner, admins, and all team members. Only the team owner and admins can edit the management and billing pages. Members can only view the complete list of team members.

There are two tabs on the team management page, Overview and Billing

The Overview tab provides:

The Billing tab provides:

  • Snapshot of your subscription
  • Payment details
  • Invoice History

How do I add or remove licenses to my team?

Team owners and Admins can add or remove licenses on their accounts at any point during their subscription, right from the team management page. Licenses are occupied by the team owner, admin, and editor roles. Visitors do not occupy a license.

Read more: Bluescape Subscription Member Roles

To add and remove members to your team:

  1. Go to the team settings via the Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 5.41.06 PM (Team) icon at the top right corner of your dashboard.

  2. Make sure you are on the Overview tab. You can view the total number of editor licenses available in your subscription

  3. If you have unassigned licenses available, a count will appear. Invite a team member by inputting their email into the field and clicking Add.

  4. If there aren’t any more licenses available and you wish to add or remove licenses, click theScreen Shot 2022-01-26 at 3.16.12 PM(edit) icon beside Editor Licences. A dialogue box appears.

  5. From here, you can either add or remove licenses

Note: No refund will be issued if you remove licenses before your billing cycle ends.

  1. When you add licenses, the dialogue box will display your new total, according to your billing period and the amount due at the time of purchase.
  2. Alternatively, when you remove licenses from your subscription, the dialogue box will display your new total according to your billing period.

How do I Upgrade or Downgrade Team Member roles?

In a Bluescape subscription, there are three user roles to assign to team members:

  • Admin - Occupies a license.
  • Editor - Occupies a license.
  • Visitor - Does not occupy a license.

Upgrading Team Members

From the team management page, under Members, you can change the role of select team members. Use the dropdown menu to change the team member’s role to the new desired role.

For example, the below image displays a member role change from Editor to Admin. Once you select the new role, a dialogue box will appear. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Downgrading Team Members

Similarly, you can remove permissions or downgrade team member roles at any time.

There could be several reasons why you’d wish to downgrade a member. Here are some examples for downgrading a member:

  • The member is no longer part of the team.
  • The member doesn’t need admin status.
  • The member no longer needs access to the workspaces.
  • The member requires only viewing or commenting permissions and no longer needs to occupy a license.

Note: Once a member is downgraded to a visitor, all workspaces that the member previously owned will be transferred to the team owner.

Downgrading Team Member to Visitor

How do I update payment details?

To update your subscription payment information and anything to do with billing, click on the Billing tab.

Under the Billing tab, the account administrator can:

  1. Cancel Subscription
  2. Edit payment details
  3. See a history of previous invoices and download a .pdf of your invoice.

How do I cancel my Team or Business subscription?

If you need to cancel your subscription, see Canceling Your Bluescape Subscription for more information.

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What does it mean if “Storage usage” says N/A for my organization?

This means the storage is null on the backend. In fact this is a limitation to some of the older workspaces in the backlog to be sized, the team is working through the backlog to process them.