GO, Pro, and Business Account Removal FAQ

Starting August 11, 2024, all Bluescape Go, Pro, and Business subscription accounts will be removed as these plans are no longer offered. Additionally, all personal spaces for all account types will be removed. If you are interested in keeping your account and upgrading to our enterprise product, please fill out this form to connect with our sales team. Account and personal space removal include full data deletion. This topic answers frequently asked questions about the upcoming change.

How do I learn if my account is affected?

You can view your plan as a team admin on the team management pages. The plan type is listed on the team members and billing pages. If you are not a team admin, please contact your system administrator or Bluescape Support by replying to this topic.

:exclamation: Note: If you are on a Business plan but are not making monthly payments, have a custom contract with Bluescape, and work directly with a Sales Account Manager, you will not be affected by this change.

How do I see if I have content in my personal space?

  1. Login to Bluescape

  2. If you have a personal space, you will find it listed on the left side of Bluescape Home.

  3. Select your personal space.

  4. Any workspaces you have created in your personal space will be listed there. Additionally, there will be a tile detailing how many workspaces you have used in your personal space.

  5. Open the workspace to review content and determine if you would like that content saved.

Read Saving Content from Personal Spaces to learn whether to export or copy/paste content from your workspaces.

If I don’t save my content, what will happen to it?

If you do not save your content, it will be permanently deleted when your account is removed. Bluescape will not be able to recover the content once it has been deleted.

What if my account is billed annually and I’ve already paid?

If your account is billed annually, a refund will be issued based on the months remaining in your contract after August 11, 2024. If you have questions about your refund, please email support@bluescape.com.

How do I upgrade to an Enterprise plan?

If you want to upgrade to an Enterprise plan, please complete this form, and our team will connect with you.

What if I can still access my account after August 11, and I am on a plan that is no longer offered?

It’s estimated it could take up to 3 weeks for all teams to be permanently deleted. Access to your Bluescape account is not guaranteed after August 11. If you can access it, please follow the steps to save content or upgrade to our enterprise plan.

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