Saving Content from Personal Spaces

Starting August 11, 2024, all Bluescape Go, Pro, and Business accounts will be removed as these plans are no longer offered. Additionally, all personal spaces for all account types will be removed. If you want to keep your account and upgrade to our enterprise product, please complete this form to connect with our sales team. Review our FAQ guide to understand if your account is affected by this change.

Account and personal space removal includes complete data deletion. This topic provides information on how to save content from your personal space.

There are two options available to save content from your personal space. You can export or copy and paste content into a workspace in an active enterprise account.

Export content

Use this option if you are not the workspace owner or are not seeking to keep your Bluescape account after August 11.

It is recommended that small groups of content or canvases be exported to a ZIP folder to maintain better resolution and access to information. Specifically for large workspaces, it is not recommended to select all the workspace content and export it simultaneously.

Learn more: How to Export Content from a Worksapce

Copy/Paste Content

If you are using or upgrading to an enterprise plan, copying and pasting content from personal space workspaces to team workspaces is recommended. You can paste the content into an existing team workspace or create a new one.

Note: You can copy up to 250 workspace elements. Copying smaller sections at a time is recommended for copying a large workspace.

Learn more: How to Copy, Cut, and Paste Assets in a Workspace.