Removing Users and Reassigning Workspaces

When one or more members leave a team, team administrators can delegate ownership of the former team members’ workspaces. The workspace reassignment feature enables:

Reassignment of workspaces

When a member leaves a team, team admins can easily reassign a workspace to another member of their team. To perform workspace manual reassignment:

  1. Go to :bluescape_home: (Bluescape Home).
  2. Select your team from the sidebar.
  3. Select :collaborators: Team members. You are taken to the Members administration page.
  4. Use the Search members box to search for the person you are removing from your team. Use the dropdown menu next to All for additional filtering options. Press Enter to search.

  5. From your search results, select the member(s) you would like to remove from your team by selecting the checkbox to the left of their name.

  6. An options box appears at the top of the page. Select Remove to remove the member from your team.

  7. The Remove member from team confirmation dialogue box appears. Use the dropdown menu to select a workspace reassignment delegate.

  8. Select Remove member.

A confirmation message of Users removed temporarily appears at the top of the page. The members have been removed from your team, and ownership of their workspaces has been reassigned. The delegate receives an email confirmation notifying them of the workspace reassignment.

Working with reassigned workspaces

Have you had a workspace re-assigned to you? See Overview of Bluescape Home - Reassigned workspaces for more information.

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