Overview of Bluescape Home

Bluescape Home is the first page you see when you log in to your Bluescape account. It’s your portal or dashboard to view all the workspaces you can access.

The first thing you see in the top-left corner is Your meeting room - an easy one-click meeting. Your meeting room displays as a personalized URL. Create a Personal Meeting Room to customize your URL.

Note: Your browser must support WebRTC to host or join meetings in Bluescape. WebRTC is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers (not Internet Explorer). If your browser does not support meetings, its icon is disabled and unavailable for selection.

Creating a new workspace

Workspaces are a central repository for your files and notes, a go-to space for teleconferencing, or both.

Create a new workspace in one step. Select the New Workspace tile.

Your new workspace loads. From there, you can select a template to place in your workspace or close the template selector, to begin with a blank workspace.

Note: You can un-select Show when creating a new workspace if you prefer the template picker to not open upon workspace creation.

Every new workspace will receive a default name of ‘untitled workspace.’ To rename your workspace, select the title box or select rename… from the :more_options: (More) menu.

BluePro Tip: If you use the web client, bookmark Bluescape Home in your browser to find it easily. For more information on Workspace Options, see Workspace Options from Bluescape Home

Search and find workspaces

To find a workspace from Bluescape Home, enter a search word or phrase into the Search workspaces field:

Search terms can include words that appear in any of the following:

  • Workspace titles
  • Workspace descriptions
  • Workspace owners’ names

A global workspace search (all workspaces in all teams you have access to) auto-populates with your most recently visited workspaces.

When your search query returns more than five results, you can view them on a search results page.

Changing a workspace owner

Reassigned workspaces

As a member, you can see workspace ownership delegated to you by a team admin.

  1. Go to :bluescape_home: (Bluescape Home).
  2. Select the Reassigned workspace filter.

    Note: You can Open, view, and make any edits within the workspace.
  3. Select the checkbox next to a reassigned workspace. The options box appears. From here, you can:

The workspace reassignment feature ensures continuity of work when there are changes in the structure of your team.

BluePro Tip: Keeping all your work in team workspaces - and not Your space - ensures no work is lost. Use your personal workspaces for-fun. :wink:

Transfering ownership to another user

Workspace owners can quickly transfer ownership to another member of the Team.

Note: If a member is removed from the Team, their workspaces can be reassigned by the team admin. For more information, see Removing Users and Reassigning Workspaces.

If you To transfer ownership of a workspace:

  1. Navigate to Bluescape Home.

  2. Select the Reassigned tab.

  3. Click the :more_options: (More) icon for the workspace you want to transfer ownership of.

  4. A context menu opens. Click the Settings option.

  5. The Workspace settings pop-up window opens. Select the Owner field.

  6. A drop-down menu opens. Select a new workspace owner.

  7. Select Save changes.

Finding help

The :help: (Help) option in the top banner opens a list menu.

  • Bluescape Community directs you to the Bluescape Community homepage.
  • What’s new? opens the What’s new dialog box containing feature updates from our latest release.
  • About Bluescape opens a window displaying your current version of Bluescape. It also contains links to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Third-Party Terms and Conditions.

Accessing your profile

Your Personal preferences page lets you view and edit specific account management settings. :collaborator: Accessing Your Profile is the first step.


To favorite a workspace, click the star icon next to its name, which will turn from grey to yellow (or the reverse to remove a workspace from Favorites).

In addition, a notification displays confirming the workspace was added to or removed from Favorites:
Workspace added to favorites

By starring a workspace, you bookmark it in your Favorites. Adding favorites is useful to quickly locate specific workspaces, such as those you access frequently.

The Favorites sidebar shows your five most recent favorites. To see the complete list of your favorites, follow the > to open a full page of starred workspaces.

Your space

All Bluescape Go, Team and Business members receive a personal space with their subscription. Your space is only available to Enterprise clients registered on or before November 9, 2023.

Note: As a Team or Business member, you see Your Space at the bottom of your Bluescape Home sidebar, while Go members see Teams at the bottom.

Support Note
This section may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all teams. If you’re unsure whether your team has this feature, please contact your IT department.

There are three overview tiles in your personal space. You can manage up to three workspaces from your personal space, view and edit who has access to them, and keep track of how much storage space you have left.

Let’s review those pages.


Select the collaborators tile to open a panel on the right that displays all the collaborators you’ve added to your space. You can share your space with anyone by selecting the Share button.

Note: You can also find :collaborator: Collaborators in the top banner.

Total workspaces

Bluescape Go users can create up to two workspaces. Need more workspaces? See our Pricing Page pricing page for more information.

Workspace usage

Your space has a total limit of 600MB of storage space. This limit is shared between the total number of workspaces in your space.

When you select the storage overview tile, this pop-up appears:

If you only have one workspace in your space, all 600MB can be used in that one workspace. If you have two workspaces, the 600MB storage limit can be distributed in any ratio among them.

My workspaces

You can easily access the 1-2 workspaces in your space from Bluescape Home.

Shared with me

Bluescape Home also acts as a dashboard for accessing workspaces that have been shared with you. When someone shares a personal workspace with you, it becomes a “Shared Personal Space.”

Select the drop-down arrow to reveal the workspaces within.
Dora's 3 workspaces


All Bluescape Team and Business members have access to their Teams from the Bluescape Home sidebar.

Support Note
This section may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all teams. If you’re unsure whether your team has this feature, please contact your IT department.

Bluescape Teams can create unlimited workspaces, all manageable from Bluescape Home. From here, administrators will also see overview tiles for managing the team.

Let’s review what administrators can access and accomplish from those pages.

Team members

If you are an Owner or Administrator, you will see the Team members overview tile.

Note: You can also find Collaborators Collaborators in the top banner.


If you are an Owner or Administrator, you will see the Billing overview tile where you can view billing information, purchase more licenses, and more.

Team settings

If you are an Owner or Administrator, you will see the Team settings overview tile where you can add and remove members, edit member roles, and more settings.

Sort and filter workspaces

By default, workspaces filter to display only those you own or have been invited to as a collaborator (My workspaces). Alternatively, you can choose to display your Favorites or All workspaces you have access to in a Team:

Team members and administrators can filter workspaces by selecting Filter (Filter) to open a panel displaying sort and filter options:

  • Use the Sort by drop-down menu to sort the list of workspaces by the following criteria:
    • Last modified
    • Recently used by me
    • Last created
    • Workspace owner
    • Workspace name
  • Use the Filter By drop-down menu to filter the list of workspaces by the following criteria:
    • Owned by anyone
    • Owned by me
    • Not owned by me

The workspace list updates to reflect your selected criteria.

You can also choose the layout in which your workspaces are displayed. By default, your workspaces are tiles.

You can also view your workspaces in a list.

In both tile and list view, you can see a snapshot of the following workspace information:

Workspace Information in Tile View

  • Workspace Name
  • Workspace Owner
  • Privacy setting associated with the workspace
  • Last Modified Date
  • Collaborators who are currently in the workspace

Leaving a workspace

Should you choose to leave a workspace for any reason:

  1. Go to Bluescape Home.
  2. Find the workspace you wish to no longer have access to.
  3. Select the :more_options: More Options button.
  4. Select Leave Workspace.
  5. A confirmation dialog appears. Select Leave Workspace.