Overview of Bluescape Home

My Bluescape is the first page you see when you log in to your Bluescape account. It’s your portal or dashboard to view all of the workspaces you can access.

Note: To host or join meetings in Bluescape, your browser must support WebRTC. WebRTC is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers (not Internet Explorer). If meetings are not supported on your browser, its icon is disabled and unavailable for selection.

1. Admin settings

If you are an administrator, you will see the :settings: (Open Config Center) option in the top banner. There are several useful topics in the community about how to navigate the Configuration Center interface.

2. Sending My Bluescape to a wall for a large touchscreen display

From the :send_to_wall: (Send My Bluescape to Wall) option in the top banner, this (below) Send to wall pop-up window opens. Enter the wall’s PIN, located on the top right corner of the wall, and in one easy step you’re ready to interact on a large touchscreen display.

To bring My Bluescape to a wall you’re interacting with, review Accessing My Bluescape from the Wall Lobby.

Sending My Bluescape to multiple walls

  1. Click the Send option in the top banner.
  2. The Send to wall pop-up window opens, displaying the Wall you are currently sending to. Click the :more_options: (Options) icon in the pop-up.
  3. Click the Send to new wall option.
  4. Enter the Wall’s PIN.
  5. Click Send to Wall.

My Bluescape loads on the second Wall.

Stop sending My Bluescape to a wall

  • Click the Send option in the top banner.
  • The Send to wall pop-up window opens, displaying the Wall(s) you are currently sending to.
  • Click the Disconnect button next to the Wall you want to stop sending to.

The Wall you selected will no longer display My Bluescape.

3. Finding Help

The :help: (Help Content) option in the top banner opens a list menu.

  • About Bluescape opens a window with links to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Third-Party Terms and Conditions
  • Need Help? directs you to the Bluescape Community homepage
  • Product Support directs you to the Support category in the Bluescape Community

4. Accessing your profile

Your Personal preferences page allows you to view and edit certain account management settings. :collaborator: Accessing Your Profile is the first step.

5. Creating a new workspace from My Bluescape

Workspaces are a central repository for all of your files and notes, a go-to space for teleconferencing, or both. To create a new workspace from My Bluescape:

  1. Click the Create new workspace button in My Bluescape.
  2. The Create new workspace pop-up opens.
  3. Select the Organization where you want the new workspace to reside.
  4. Click the Create workspace button.

6. Start a new meeting

Jump topics for everything you need to know about Meeting in Bluescape.

7. Searching, filtering, and sorting workspaces in My Bluescape

By default, workspaces are filtered to display only those that you own or have been invited to as a collaborator ( My Workspaces ). Alternatively, you can choose to display your Favorites or All workspaces you have access to in an Organization.

To search for a workspace from My Bluescape, enter a search word or phrase into the Search field.

Search terms can include words that appear in any of the following:

  • Workspace titles
  • Workspace descriptions
  • Workspace owners’ names

The workspaces that match the search terms then display on the screen. To return to the full list of workspaces, delete the search terms from the search field.

From any view, you can further filter workspaces by clicking the image (Filter) icon to open a panel displaying sort and filter options:

  • Use the Sort by drop-down menu to sort the list of workspaces by the following criteria:
    • Recently used by me
    • Most active
    • Last created
    • Last modified
    • Workspace owner
    • Workspace name
    • Favorites
  • Use the Filter By drop-down menu to filter the list of workspaces by the following criteria:
    • Owned by anyone
    • Owned by me
    • Not owned by me
  • Use the Organization drop-down menu to filter the list of workspaces by Organization

The list of workspaces updates to reflect your selected criteria

8. Workspaces in My Bluescape

By default, workspaces display as cards in Grid view.

Alternatively, you can view the workspaces in List view with these icons: image

Starring a workspace

By starring a workspace, you bookmark it in your Favorites. This is useful when you want to quickly locate certain workspaces, such as those you access frequently.

To star a workspace, click the star icon next to its name, and it will turn from grey to yellow (or the reverse to remove a workspace from Favorites).

In addition, a notification displays at the top of the screen confirming that the workspace has been added to or removed from Favorites.

Workspace details

By clicking image (View workspace details), you arrive at a page where can view and search the contents of your workspace. By default, content is filtered to display all Canvases in the workspace. Alternatively, you can choose to display all Documents in the workspace.

In one click you’ll open the workspace and jump to that specific canvas or document.

From here you can also view and manage Collaborators of a workspace.

Workspace options

The :more_options: (Options) menu outlines a few additional things you can do with Workspaces in My Bluescape.

Where to Next?

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