Organize Your Semester Using the Calendar Template πŸ—“

Ditch your whiteboard, stop fumbling for your agenda and say hello to your new semester organization buddy – Bluescape. :bluescape_home: Create a custom calendar in a workspace to access any time from any device.

Download the Bluescape App, make updates on the go and never miss an important date (like your midterm) ever again.

1. Add a new workspace

After you sign up for Bluescape, you can access Bluescape Home. A page where you can see all the workspaces you can access and create new workspaces. Create a new workspace to use for your semester schedule.

2. Add the calendar template to your workspace

  1. Select :template: (Templates) on the workspace toolbar.
  2. In the template picker, search Calendar.
  3. Place the Calendar template in your workspace.

3. Customize the template

Get creative! Use features like custom colors :text_color: on canvases, shapes, and text. Add text highlights :highlight_color:, play around with different fonts and formatting, or add icons to make your calendar uniquely yours!

The example below shows how different the custom calendar looks from the original template.
For added customization, create a personal β€œTo Do” checklist to help you stay on track each month.

Click here to view the calendar in a workspace.

4. Save your custom template to use again

When you’re happy with your changes, save your custom template to use again for fall, winter, and summer semesters. After saving your custom template, access it again by browsing Templates :template:.

5. Optional: Share your workspace with others

Securely share your workspace with anyone by adding an email address and setting user permissions in the workspace.

BluePro Tip: Favorite your workspace :favourite: from Bluescape Home so you can quickly access your calendar.

Set yourself up for a successful semester. :calendar:

Create your calendar now in your workspace and share it with the community.