Monthly Calendar for the New Year

Don’t forget to get a head start to help your teams in Bluescape start planning for the new year.
Create a monthly calendar template already customized for each month that teams can use. This template is a great way for teams to visualize upcoming events across the year whether company holidays, employee birthdays, performance reviews, special company events, or employee accomplishments.

How to create this template:

  1. Start with the ‘Calendar’ template in the Bluescape Template Library

  2. Add another background canvas to be the main template canvas

  3. Duplicate for all twelve months

  4. Click into the dates to customize each month and day

  5. Don’t forget to use the custom color picker to create a branded template with your company’s brand colors

  6. If you know your company holidays already, change the color of those dates to further help teams with their planning

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