Fun Calendar Event Tags

Create a fun event tags template for teams to use with the monthly calendar template or other scheduling templates.
The icons in this template make it a fun way to help teams celebrate and visualize upcoming events whether employee birthdays, team outings, upcoming presentations, or design reviews.

How to make this template:

  1. Place a canvas in the workspace
  2. Add a rectangle shape and customize the colors and double click into it to add an event name like ‘Workshop’ (I right aligned the text so the icon could be to the left in the shape)
  3. Go to the icon library to find an appropriate related icon and place next to the shape
  4. In the context menu of the icon, select the ‘attach to’ option and place on top of the shape
  5. Duplicate a completed one to maintain the tag size and customize. Repeat for as many event tags as you’d like to create

When ready to use this template, place in your workspace and copy (CTRL+V) a tag and then move to the calendar date in another template or the appropriate column for weekly/quarterly scheduling template and paste (CTRL+V).

Teams can double click into the text to customize, for example, ‘Ben’s Birthday’. Enjoy!

This is an awesome way to visually elevate Bluescape’s existing calendar template. Thanks for sharing your idea @collabwins.

You gave me inspiration to repurpose certain tags and add them to our team’s Content Calendar, like the Webinar event tag and email communication tag. :email: It’s so easily customizable to suit individual teams’ needs.

…maybe I’ll even slide the “Pizza Party” event tag somewhere in our calendar to drop a subtle hint. :wink: :pizza:

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