Creating a Canvas

What is a canvas?

Canvases allow you to organize content within the workspace. You can combine individual assets within a canvas to easily present, locate, and share information. A single canvas may contain one or more assets; multiple canvases can be nested or layered – one within the other.

Creating a canvas from the workspace toolbar

  1. Select :canvas: (Canvas).

  2. The Canvas size modal opens, providing options for the size of your canvas.

  3. Select the desired size.

  4. A blue outline of the canvas appears attached to your cursor. Drag the canvas to the desired location, then select to insert it.

  5. The canvas displays adjustable anchor points and a toolbar.
    Note: A canvas can exist in the workspace without a name. If you prefer this, simply clear the default canvas name in edit mode.

Expand to learn about all options in the canvas toolbar.
Icon Description
:text_color: Adjust the background color, border color, and opacity.
:layout: Change the canvas size.
:hide: Adjust the visibility of the canvas for workspace collaborators. Visibility of this function is dependent on your workspace role.
:pin: Locks the canvas to its current workspace location.
:comments: Add and view comments on the notecard.
:more_options: View and select additional actions available based on the workspace object.

BluePro Tip: Adjusting canvas color and opacity helps organize and create visual distinctions between content in your workspace.

If you prefer the canvas to have a transparent background, select :no_color: (No color) in the background tab of the color picker

Creating a canvas around workspace content

  1. Using :select: (Select) or by holding down the shift key in :pan: (Pan), click and drag your cursor across the assets you wish to place the canvas around. This group selects them, forming a frame around the content.

  2. Select :more_options: (More) from the content toolbar.

  3. From this menu, select Create, then Canvas.

  4. The group-selected assets are enclosed in a canvas.

  5. The canvas displays adjustable anchor points and a toolbar.

You’re ready to open your workspace and add a canvas! :bluescape_home:

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