Creating a Canvas

What is a Canvas?

Canvases allow you to organize content within the workspace. You can combine individual assets within a canvas to present, locate, and share information more easily. A single canvas may contain one or more assets; multiple canvases can be nested or layered – one within the other.

Note: If you are using a Wall, read the Canvas Overview (Wall) topic.

Creating a Canvas from the Workspace Toolbar

  1. Select the canvas_icon (Canvas) icon.
  2. The Canvas Size modal opens, providing options for the size of your canvas.
  3. Select the desired size.
  4. A blue outline of the canvas appears as your mouse pointer. Drag the canvas to the desired location, then select to insert it.
  5. The canvas displays with adjustable anchor points and a toolbar. The title (Canvas 20) appears at the top.

The options in the canvas toolbar from left to right include:

  • Background Color
  • Border Color
  • Layout
  • More options :more_options: - Displays the standard more options context menu for workspace assets.

Select the title at the top to rename the canvas, then type the desired name.

Note: In addition to changing the background or border color of a canvas, you can also change the opacity of the canvas using the slider.


Creating a Canvas from the Context Menu

To add a canvas from the workspace context menu:

  1. Add one or more assets to the workspace.
  2. Select and drag your mouse pointer across the assets. This group selects them, forming a frame around the assets.
  3. From the asset toolbar, select the :more_options: (More options) icon.
  4. From this menu, select Create Canvas.
  5. The group selected assets are enclosed in a canvas.

You can resize the canvas by selecting and dragging its adjustable anchor points. Use the toolbar to change the background color, border color, and size.

You can also copy, duplicate :, edit, move, pin, resize, and sort canvases. For more information, search tags: Canvas.

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Can someone clarify how our search functions? I am searching under the Canvas tab for a specific canvas name and it is returning many more results than I would expect.

@HMarine Good catch! Is the goal to have your exact search (or most similar to it) to appear at the top versus a list of the canvases that include the word “meeting” or “notes”? I’ll make note of this and pass along to our Product Development team. :slight_smile:

@Lauren Yes, I would say anytime there is an exact match it should appear at the top.