December 2021 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your Organization. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.


New Canvas Redesign (Web and Wall) :art:

We’ve introduced a whole new canvas design, and we have to admit, it’s super sleek!

Here’s what’s new:

  • You can now choose a background color for your canvas using both default colors or using the custom color picker.
  • There are now 8 base canvas sizes to get started from in the canvas menu (Whiteboard, Square, Tablet, etc.).
  • Canvas titles now appear on the top-middle of the canvas, just above the canvas border. To view the title, hover anywhere over the canvas. When you click on the title, the canvas toolbar appears below.
  • All newly created workspaces will populate with a canvas automatically.

Note: Existing canvases in your workspace will automatically adopt the new canvas style without background colors. Also, Canvas titles (new and old) cannot be edited once created on the Wall client.

Learn More: Creating a Canvas

New Workspace Sharing (Web)

We’ve revamped our workspace-sharing model to simplify how workspaces are shared with specific users, organizations, and teams.

You can access these sharing options through My Bluescape or right in the workspace.

We’ve removed the ‘Editor+’ role. All existing ‘Editor+’ users will automatically be given the ‘Editor’ role and all ‘Editors’ will be able to share the workspace.

Learn More: Sharing a Workspace (Web)

Anonymous Workspace Access - View-Only Links (Web) :eyes:

We’ve introduced view-only workspace links! These links can only be generated by the workspace owner. Once the link is created, anyone with an ‘Editor’ permission can use the link to share the workspace.

Once the generated link has been copied and shared, anyone with the link can access the workspace as an anonymous user with view-only permissions.

The owner of the workspace can also delete the link. This means that once the link has been deleted, the workspace associated with that link will not open.

New User Onboarding (Web) :busts_in_silhouette:

We’ve made it even simpler to get started in a workspace with our new user Welcome Tour The Welcome Tour helps new users learn how to navigate the workspaces so you can quickly get to interact with content in your workspace!

The Welcome Tour appears when you first create a workspace and can be accessed later on through the workspace help menu.

Over 90 New Templates (Web)

To cap off the year, we’ve added over 90 new templates to our ever-growing library! And we want to see how you’ve been using them! Share your template creations with other members of the community to spark conversation, creativity, and inspiration.

Discover all templates.

Meeting Recordings - Audio (Web) :studio_microphone:

Bluescape Meeting recordings are here!

You can now record a meeting’s audio to listen to long after the meeting is over. Select Start Recording, and once the meeting has ended, an email notification will be sent directing you to the canvas where your recording can be found.

Note: All meeting participants will receive a notification to consent to the meeting recording.

Learn More:

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Text Improvements

The issue has been resolved for cursor movement when zooming in and out of the workspace.

Also, when pasting a copied browser URL into a text box in the workspace, the URL is identified pasted as a hyperlink in the text box.

Broken Images in Photoshop Plugin

The issue where images were appearing broken when posting from Photoshop has been resolved.

Whiteboards will no longer be available

Whiteboards will no longer be available as of March 11th. Please be sure to transfer any and all important content from the existing whiteboards you have created.

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