Sharing a Workspace (Web)

Support Note
This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your Organization has any of these features, please reach out to your IT department.

Once you have created a workspace, you can share it with other collaborators in your Organization, guests, or even those without an account in Bluescape. This maximizes participation and collaboration.

You can invite people to collaborate in a workspace in one of two ways:

  1. From the workspace itself
  2. From the My Bluescape home page

To share a workspace from within the workspace, click the Share button in the top-right of a workspace you own.

To share a workspace from My Bluescape:

  1. From the My Bluescape home page, find a workspace that you own.
  2. Click the meet_av (More options) icon next to the workspace.
  3. A context menu opens. Click the Share option.

After performing either option, the Share pop-up window opens, providing you with ways to share the workspace with members of your team in Bluescape, or publicly with anyone.

  • To share the workspace link with fellow collaborators in Bluescape, click the Copy Link button. The link is copied, and you can paste it as needed. Note that this link will only work for those who already have the proper permissions to view the workspace.
  • To send an email invitation to specific collaborators, click the Invite or Manage button. For more information, see Inviting Collaborators to a Workspace (Web)
  • To set the workspace role for all collaborators in the workspace, click the drop-down in the (Organization name) row, then select the desired role. In the screenshot below, the Organization is called Bluescape. For more information, see Changing a Collaborator’s Workspace Role (Web)
  • To share the workspace with non-Bluescape users, click the Set up button in the Anyone with the link row. For more information, see below.

After sharing the workspace with any of these options, the lock icon next to the Share button changes from closed to open:


Note: When you create a workspace, by default only you can view it until you share it with others using any of the methods described above.

Sharing the Workspace Without Requiring a Login

You can provide workspace access to those who do not have a Bluescape account. This is useful for temporary-project based collaborations, working with contractors, and inviting non-Bluescape users to meetings.

To share a workspace with anyone:

  1. Access the Share window as described above, either through the My Bluescape home page or the workspace itself.
  2. Click the Set up button in the Anyone with this link row.
  3. Click the Create link button.
  4. A link to the workspace is generated. The date the link was created displays. To share this link, click the Copy link button.

    The URL is copied to your clipboard.

This link provides view-only access to the workspace. Those who use the link will not be able to navigate outside of the workspace you have shared with them.

If you want to revoke the access of those you shared the link with, click the
delete_link (Delete) icon in the Anyone with the link pop-up window.

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