February 2024 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team. If you’re unsure whether your team has a certain feature, contact your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, February 8 after 10 am PST for impacted teams.


Workspaces now use a dot grid

The workspace background has been updated to a dot grid instead of a line grid, significantly improving the user experience when placing and aligning content in a workspace. Regardless of content type, the element’s top left corner will snap to the dot grid for easy organization. If you’d like to position content freely, hold down CTRL/CMD while moving content. Users can still toggle the workspace background on and off.

Learn more: Workspace Settings and Details

Customize the interface scale

Interface scale

Increase or decrease the size of the interface scale (toolbars, activity feed, comments, chat, etc.) to suit your needs. The options can be accessed via the workspace settings menu or keyboard shortcuts.

Learn More: Workspace Settings: Interface Scale

Shortcut to open the activity feed

Catch up on what recently changed in the workspace by opening the activity feed using the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + A.

Learn More: Keyboard Shortcuts

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Copy & paste added to right-click menu

Right-click copy and paste

The quick-access menus have been expanded to include copy and paste. This includes copying and pasting content outside of Bluescape into your workspace.

Learn more: How to Copy, Cut, and Paste Assets in a Workspace

Reactions added to canvases and browsers

The ability to add reactions to workspace objects has been expanded to include canvases and browsers. Share your thoughts on collections of content alongside individual objects!

Learn more: Adding Reactions to Workspace Content

Farewell to Popsync :poppy:

As of the February release, Popsync will no longer be available. Your previous Popsync search results will remain in your workspaces. If you’re interested in generating images for your work, check out Wowzer AI.

:bug: Bug Fix: Autopan adjustments

Autopan has been improved to address the ‘jumpiness’ previously experienced when panning content-filled workspace. The experience is now much smoother regardless of workspace size.

:bug: Bug Fix: Ability to move a pinned item by its title bar

The issue regarding the ability to move pinned objects has been resolved. Pinned objects will remain in place until they are unpinned and moved.

:bug: Bug Fix: Text color not appearing for group-selected notecards

An inconsistency was addressed for group-selected notecards where text color options were not appearing on the grouped toolbar. Users can now adjust text color from the color option on the grouped toolbar.

That’s all for this update. You’re ready to dive in! :bluescape_home:

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