Add option for gridlines on the workspace background

Dealer designer here; very much not liking the dot grid… looks extremely busy in both my project workspaces and internal workspaces. I’m a lot less likely to use this interface in front of customers. Please offer the option to switch back to the lines!

Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Lynnia.Lofton. It will be passed along to our product team.

While there is not current a way to switch back to lines, you are able to turn the grid off in your workspace settings. That should help make it appear less busy. :blush:

Hi Team! Any chance we can have a owner (or user) toggle between either? Some people are digging the new dots… the others, like Lynnia above, really like the grid for layout and design. Any reason users can’t have the options for displaying the dots, the grid or none? (Or even a few more?)


Hey @Nate - When we moved to the dot grid, we also improved how scaling works relative to the grid background. You might notice that the grid is always modified by the power of 2 as you zoom in or out, creating a crisp experience when using the ‘snap to grid’ feature and scaling elements.

Currently, there is no plan to add the grid lines back. However, we will continue to collect feedback and assess future changes. I will move your comment and @Lynnia.Lofton’s comment to the new topic in the Give Feedback category. If you interact with others who feel the same way or have an opinion on the background, please encourage them to upvote or add their feedback to the topic!