Keyboard Shortcuts


The table below provides a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use on a Windows or Mac computer. These shortcuts, which are computer keys that you press simultaneously to perform an action, can reduce the time it takes to complete specific tasks in a Bluescape workspace.

Keyboard shortcuts

Note: The Zoom feature is sometimes referred to as Scroll In/Out

Action Shortcut
Pan workspace Arrow keys (when nothing is selected)
Pan workspace while locking aspect ratio Shift+Up Arrow, Shift+Down Arrow
Zoom in +
Zoom out -
Zoom out to the farthest point (maximum) or Zoom to Content 1
Zoom to selection 2
Zoom to canvas 3
Reset zoom 0
Resize while locking aspect ratio Shift+drag (during resize of resizable assets)
Switch from Select to Pan navigation mode Hold Down Spacebar
Open the Search tool C
Send to Wall (confirmation) Enter
Place an asset in the workspace (Lines, Shapes, Icons, Notecards, Free text in Edit mode, and Canvases Enter
Comment (send) Enter
Notecard/Text line break Enter
Dismiss alert Enter or Spacebar
Delete asset Backspace (Windows), Delete (Mac)
Group Select Shift+click
Select only fully-encompassed objects Alt+click+drag
Attach asset A
Stop auto follow Esc
Copy Ctrl+C (Windows), Command+C (Mac)
Paste Ctrl+V (Windows), Command+V (Mac)
Paste without formatting Up arrow+Ctrl+V (Windows), Up arrow+Command+V (Mac)
Undo Ctrl+Z (Windows), Command+Z (Mac)
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows), Command+Shift+Z (Mac)
Dismiss, yes or no? (in some dialogs) Y or N
Full screen Shift+Spacebar
Hide/Reveal Toolbars Ctrl+\ (Windows), Command+\ (Mac)
Open/Hide Selection Tool panel M
Open/Hide Activity panel A
Open/Hide Send to Wall panel W
Open Call tray/Start a Meeting J
Open/Hide Search panel Ctrl+F (Windows), Command+F (Mac)
Pin asset(s) Ctrl+Shift+L (Windows), Command+Shift+L (Mac)
Duplicate asset(s) Ctrl+D (Windows), Command+D (Mac)
Duplicate asset with preview of placement Drag+Alt (Windows), Drag+Option (Mac)
Close any open panel Esc
Laser Pointer Q
Lead workspace Alt+L (Windows), Option+L (Mac)
Switch to Select tool V
Switch to Pan tool H
Switch to Pen tool P
Switch to Eraser tool E
Switch to Text tool T
Switch to Notecard tool N
Switch to Line tool L
Show/hide grid lines in workspace background Ctrl+’ (Windows), Command+’ (Mac)
Send overlapping asset(s) to front Shift+]
Send overlapping asset(s) to back Shift+[
Video Play/Pause Toggle Spacebar or Toggle Down Arrow
Video Fast Forward/Frame Forward Right Arrow
Video Rewind/ Frame Backward Left Arrow
Change pen color to white Shift + 1
Black Shift + 2
Blue Shift + 3
Green Shift + 4
Yellow Shift + 5
Orange Shift + 6
Red Shift + 7
Pink Shift + 8
Purple Shift + 9
Open the activity feed Shift + A
Make larger (interface scale) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+plus (Windows) Cmd+Option+Shift+plus (Mac)
Make smaller (interface scale) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+minus (Windows) Cmd+Option+Shift+minus (Mac)
Reset to 100% (interface scale) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 (Windows) Cmd+Option+Shift+0 (Mac)

Note: The Bluescape workspace contains a keyboard shortcut legend, which is accessible using the Ctrl + / function.

This legend provides a condensed version of the above-noted keyboard shortcuts and contains platform-specific references. For example, the keyboard shortcut legend displays applicable Ctrl or Command keyboard shortcuts, depending on whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac.

Escape Key Functionality

Escape key handling proceeds through a sequence of operations, completing the next one in the sequence each time it is pressed:

  • Close right-click menu
  • Close ZoomBar menu
  • Close and Dismiss any open dialog with a negative response.
  • Close any open presentation. If the user was following another user’s presentation, we must also stop following them.
  • Do nothing if interacting with a model (Drawing, resizing, etc.)
  • Complete active text editing (Freetext, Text on Shapes, etc.)
  • Deselect the active group or model
  • Close any open panel.
  • Reset active tool to default tool
  • Stop Following

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home:

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Is there an option to add keyboard shortcuts for the standard colors?

Hey @Mel! Not currently. However, we do see that there are existing Product Feedback tickets for this, so it is on the team’s radar. June’s release addresses pen panel behaviour and the last update to this ticket was that once the pen updates are implemented, this feedback would be revisited.

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The keyboard shortcuts are a time saver when I need to conduct repetitive activities, such as setting up new templates.

For example, I need to consider presentation flows for my content layout. I stage Object Hyperlinking as part of my template:

Start from end of intended slide,
Select object 1, Shift-C (to copy link)
Select object 2, Shift-L (to initiate link to)
Ctrl-V (to paste link)
Save change
(while still on object 2 selected), Shift-C (to copy link)
Select object 3, Shift-L (to initiate link to)
Ctrl-V (to paste link)
Save change
(while still on object 3 selected), Shift-C (to copy link)

(BONUS) When I mass-select objects to duplicate, the Object hyperlinking is also copied for the new row.