Keyboard Shortcuts

The table below provides a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use on a Windows or Mac computer. These shortcuts, which are computer keys that you press simultaneously to perform an action, can reduce the time it takes to complete specific tasks in a Bluescape workspace.

Note: The Zoom feature is sometimes referred to as Scroll In/Out

Action Shortcut
Pan workspace Arrow keys (when nothing is selected)
Pan workspace while locking aspect ratio Shift+Up Arrow, Shift+Down Arrow
Zoom in +
Zoom out -
Zoom out to the farthest point (maximum) or Zoom to Content 1
Zoom to selection 2
Zoom to canvas 3
Reset zoom 0
Resize while locking aspect ratio Shift+drag (during resize of resizable assets)
Switch from Select to Pan navigation mode Hold Down Spacebar
Send to Wall (confirmation) Enter
Comment (send) Enter
Notecard/Text line break Enter
Dismiss alert Enter or Spacebar
Delete asset Backspace (Windows), Delete (Mac)
Group Select Shift+click
Attach asset A
Stop auto follow Esc
Copy Ctrl+C (Windows), Command+C (Mac)
Paste Ctrl+V (Windows), Command+V (Mac)
Paste without formatting Up arrow+Ctrl+V (Windows), Up arrow+Command+V (Mac)
Undo Ctrl+Z (Windows), Command+Z (Mac)
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows), Command+Shift+Z (Mac)
Dismiss, yes or no? (in some dialogs) Y or N
Full screen Shift+Spacebar
Open/Hide Users panel U
Open/Hide Selection Tool panel M
Open/Hide Activity panel A
Open/Hide Send to Wall panel W
Open Call tray/Start a Meeting J
Open/Hide Search panel Ctrl+F (Windows), Command+F (Mac)
Pin asset(s) Ctrl+Shift+L (Windows), Command+Shift+L (Mac)
Duplicate asset(s) Ctrl+D (Windows), Command+D (Mac)
Duplicate asset with preview of placement Drag+Alt (Windows), Drag+Option (Mac)
Close any open panel Esc
Laser Pointer Q
Lead workspace Alt+L (Windows), Option+L (Mac)
Switch to Select tool V
Switch to Pan tool H
Switch to Pen tool P
Switch to Eraser tool E
Switch to Text tool T
Switch to Notecard tool N
Switch to Canvas tool C
Switch to Lasso tool L (press L again to exit Lasso mode)
Show/hide grid lines in workspace background Ctrl+’ (Windows), Command+’ (Mac)
Send overlapping asset(s) to front Shift+]
Send overlapping asset(s) to back Shift+[
Video Play/Pause Toggle Spacebar or Toggle Down Arrow
Video Fast Forward/Frame Forward Right Arrow
Video Rewind/ Frame Backward Left Arrow

Note: The Bluescape workspace contains a keyboard shortcut legend, which is accessible via more options context menu in the workspace:

This legend provides a condensed version of the above-noted keyboard shortcuts and contains platform-specific references. For example, the keyboard shortcut legend displays applicable Ctrl or Command keyboard shortcuts, depending on whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac.

Escape Key Functionality

Escape key handling proceeds through a sequence of operations, completing the next one in the sequence each time it is pressed:

  • Close right-click menu
  • Close ZoomBar menu
  • Close and Dismiss any open dialog with a negative response.
  • Close any open presentation. If the user was following another user’s presentation, we must also stop following them.
  • Do nothing if interacting with a model. (Drawing, resizing, etc.)
  • Complete active text editing. (Freetext, Text on Shapes, etc.)
  • Deselect the active group or model.
  • Close any open panel.
  • Reset active tool to default tool.
  • Stop Following

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