Two Ways to Use Workspace Hyperlinking

As Bluescape continues to build and nurture collaborative work, hyperlinking assets within a workspace is a new feature that we are excited to offer. This feature accelerates team productivity while making the review process fun and engaging for all the participants.

While there are several ways to use workspace hyperlinking, below are a few examples of how hyperlinking assets within a workspace can add value to your workflows.

Scenario 1: Present Your Work Using Object-to-Object Linking

During a creative design review meeting, designers and reviewers must view the same asset together. By linking design assets, the designers can showcase the evolution of the design. While designers present, all other collaborators and stakeholders can provide feedback about the design in the same workspace.

The user can jump between related assets and provide a narrative of the design’s evolution by simply clicking on the navigation icons above the object (forwards and backward). The user not only can navigate forward to a related asset but also go back to the previous asset. This feature can also connect interrelated designs and makes gathering feedback quick and easy.

Scenario 2: Use a Meeting Agenda to Keep Meetings on Track

A user can create a meeting agenda by linking lines of text between the agenda and the target objects placed in different locations in the workspace. Linking these assets will help the meeting host find the content they need when they need it during a meeting. This saves the host from panning around a workspace searching for their content.

The meeting host can “Lead” the workspace so that all participants “Follow” as the host uses the navigation icons to switch back and forth between agenda items and the content being discussed.

This helps teams of any size to stay laser-focused on the agenda and cumulatively ideate and solve complex problems.

More creative ways to use object-to-object linking

  • Users can configure links to related canvases to put together a presentation of slides. Then, during a meeting, the organizer can navigate through the canvases to present one canvas at a time.

  • Like using an agenda for a meeting, users can also configure a table of contents for all the valuable assets in the workspace. The configuration will include hyperlinks to assets serving as an index. With this, finding associated content will only be a click away.

  • Similarly, an educator can use this feature when setting up their syllabus for the year. Link each chapter title to an overview of the chapter in a workspace. The overview can also be linked to detailed assignments and coursework within the same workspace.

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