Hyperlinking to Canvases in a Workspace

As I was testing something I noticed when clicking on a hyperlink from within a workspace, it actually navigates to that object. I’m not sure if this was an Easter Egg feature😅 but it’s awesome!

For the PowerPoint, I just used the URL of the coordinates where the PPT is located, so it doesn’t track it around like the Canvas. Hopefully, every object will have a ‘Copy Link’ option eventually, because this is very useful.


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Hey there, @Shayan_Memarzadeh.

This is a fairly new feature and there was a lot of positive anticipation internally about it. I’m glad to see you’re enjoying the ability to move more seamlessly around your workspaces.

There are also written instructions for hyperlinking to canvases in a workspace, as well as nesting and editing canvases, etc.