Design Review: Bring to Life Your Creative Vision

Streamline design reviews in a single, curated workspace for all your creative assets from kick-off concepts to final delivery.

Whether reviewing concepts for products in fashion, automotive, aerospace, or storyboards in animation or marketing, Bluescape makes it easy to visualize the entire creative process.

In this article, we’ll go over how to prepare your workspace for a productive review session, how to conduct a design review and the features that can be used both during the review and on your own time to provide feedback, and, finally, how to see your creative vision come to life after the review session.

Prepare for the Design Review

To prep for the review, designers and coordinators can easily lay out and curate all assets into organized canvases.

One canvas can be an inspiration or mood board with style guides and textures. Another canvas can be your early-stage concepts. Each designer can have separate canvases with a specific area for assets ‘on deck’ for review. Quickly drag and drop or upload high resolution media.


Preparation time reduces from weeks to days when there’s no need to print and mount materials. And no one needs to transport or dispose of physical assets.

Gone are the days of attaching images to emails and responding back and forth. No more searching across multiple folders and across multiple other tools. Everything is in one place with feedback visually organized. At a glance, you can see how all the different pieces of the project fit together.

‘It puts me in the room in a way that lets me see and understand the tone of what’s happening and how ideas are received,’ said John Bokenkamp from Sony Pictures.


Another great feature is object linking. Use this feature to link any objects across a workspace to speed up the time to navigate to one area and then to another. For example, link a notecard that says ‘world-building canvas’ within the Design Review canvas. During the review, if teams need to refer back to early stage references, it’s quick and easy to jump back and forth.

Bluescape provides the features for you to put more focus on actual decision-making during a review.

Start the Design Review

On review day, start a video call directly in the workspace. With everyone in the call and the workspace at the same time, teams enjoy the great pixel quality of all their designs in front of them. Ditch tossing screen shares back and forth and instead collaborate with efficiency.

Anyone can then click ‘Lead’ in the workspace to start driving the review session. Production coordinators like this feature to keep Art Director’s attention on one area before revealing subsequent design sequences. Even as the team is in ‘follow’ mode, anyone is still able to drop notecards and annotate on assets which keeps the review speeding along.

Capture feedback during the Design Review

During the design review, design leaders can use the pen tool to do quick markups and add feedback directly on high resolution images.

Comments can be added to any image in a workspace. Select the comment option in the object toolbar. Then, click on any area of the image to provide clarity on the specific change being requested. The user’s profile icon will display in the exact location on top of the image. For example, add a comment to request another iteration of an animation scene with a slightly different color background. Designers can then mark comments as resolved to keep track of tasks completed.

And even within the same review session, creatives can make changes and re-upload as the reviews moves forward with other assets.

Reference after the Design Review

Design teams can easily go back to all the feedback discussed post reviews. There is less stress when no one needs to remember verbal feedback. Everything is captured directly in Bluescape for future references and findability whether looking back days after, weeks after, or even a year after!

Enjoy seeing the process of designs taking shape from concepts to polished work with a bird’s eye view in Bluescape.


Bluescape transforms a once fractured process into a cohesive story. The workspace becomes an engaging, visual showcase for all designs including sketches, 3D art, gifs, and videos with synchronized playback.

Enjoy streamlined and engaging Design Reviews in Bluescape!

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