Common Use Case Scenarios and Workflows

Bluescape is a flexible and versatile tool, so each individual and Organization has unique use cases. The following are some examples of how Bluescape is used today that might help you discover new ways it can benefit you.


Bluescape is a unique tool for on-the-fly brainstorming. If you are in a meeting and need a quick place to illustrate what you’re describing or take notes, you can open a workspace and do just that. After the meeting is finished, you can refer to the workspace and use it as a central location for any further discussions. All materials from the meeting persist after the meeting has ended. This allows you to record everything around a topic or project in a single, living place that can grow and change as needed.

Collaboration on Projects and Workflows

Bluescape is an excellent tool for collaboration between cross-functional or distributed teams. A workspace can be a central repository where everyone adds their contributions to a project or process. Team members can reference each other’s work at any time and leave feedback in the form of pen strokes, comments, and notecards.

This is useful for weekly check-in meetings or stakeholder reviews because the content is already available in the workspace for presentation. All of the project data and team feedback collected in one place allows for a larger context that enables faster, better decision-making.

Learn about Delivering Feedback in Bluescape. Click to play the video.

Interactive Meetings

Using Bluescape to hold meetings allows even the most geographically distributed teams to feel like they are all in the same room.

The Bluescape workspace is an interactive virtual room where each person is an active participant rather than a passive viewer, so all meeting attendees with access to the workspace can lead, follow, or break off into smaller groups. Content can be presented, marked up, and commented on, and the next steps can be captured and made available to the team for reference and review.

This is a key difference from traditional meetings—after a Bluescape meeting ends, all content is still accessible to anyone invited to the workspace.

Learn about Meeting in Bluescape. Click to play the video.

Presentation Development and Design Review

Bluescape is ideal for developing presentations and holding design review meetings because you can easily connect subject matter experts and gather feedback. After you create slides or upload designs, you can then direct reviewers to the content they are responsible for, and they can comment and provide markup directly in the workspace.

After feedback is gathered, you can either use Bluescape as the medium for presentation, export the content to a PowerPoint deck or PDF, or create and upload the next revision of a design.

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Creating Flowcharts

Using shapes and line connectors, you can quickly create a flowchart.

Learn about flowcharts in Bluescape. Click to play the video.

What workflows work best for you?

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