October 2023 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team. If you’re unsure whether your team has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.
These changes are scheduled to go live on Thursday, October 12, 2023 after 9 pm PST for impacted teams.


Templates tool added to workspace toolbar

The Templates icon is now on the workspace toolbar

The popular Templates tool has been promoted to the workspace toolbar for easy access. Quickly place Bluescape or custom templates to add structure and increase efficiency in your workspace.

Learn more: Workspace Toolbar

Ability to scale free text

You can scale your text to the desired size by dragging the corners

Adjusting text as you build your workspace just became easier. Drag the corner of a text box to auto-scale the font size.

Learn more: Adding Text to a Workspace

Update to quick connect visibility and notecard behavior

Quick Connect Additional Shapes

Based on your feedback, we’ve made a few changes to the quick connect function. The blue dots you used to see on all objects are now only visible on notecards and shapes/icons. Selecting the quick connect dot on notecards creates a new notecard without a connecting line, so you can add and organize notecards faster. Shapes continue to be connected by a line.

Learn more: Adding and Modifying Lines and Routing

Included dimensions when cropping an image

Image cropping in your workspace

We’ve added dimensions to image cropping, so you know the exact size of your edited image.

Learn more: Using the Image Cropping Feature

Enhanced font and font size selection

We’ve updated the font experience by visually indicating the selected font. The font selector tool now highlights the font in blue and includes a checkmark next to its name. This change has also been applied to the font size menu for a consistent user experience.

Learn more: Adding Text to a Workspace

Update to text on notecards

Workspace toolbar (notecard)

We’ve modified the default text behavior in notecards. Now, the notecard text is left-aligned and top-justified. Users can still adjust the text alignment and justification in the notecard toolbar.

Learn more: Adding a Notecard to a Workspace

SCIM Support

The SCIM Provisioning feature in Bluescape enables Enterprise admins to configure SCIM support within Bluescape Home, allowing for integration with Okta.

Learn more: Bluescape User Provisioning Integration using Okta SCIM

Claim your free templates

We want to help you take your workspace to the next level using :template: (Templates).

Free templates

Templates help kickstart projects and streamline workflows. Request your free templates today!

Reminders, Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Bluescape for large displays update

Important reminder: We’d like to remind all administrators of a Bluescape legacy (Qt) wall client that you must log on to the computer hosting your wall and perform an update to the new Bluescape for large displays app. The legacy wall client will no longer operate after our November release.

Learn more: Bluescape on a Large Touch Display

Keyboard shortcuts for changing pen colors

For ease of use, we’ve updated Bluescape’s keyboard shortcuts to include functions for changing pen colors.

Learn more: Keyboard Shortcuts

Improvement to canvas toolbar positioning

When a canvas size is reduced or moved to the bottom of the workspace, the control bar repositions to remain visible.

Users can change the background color of a scratch workspace

Previously scratch workspaces were always created with a light background. You can now update the background color of scratch workspaces upon initial creation.

Learn more: How to Change the Background Color of a Workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Anonymous mobile users no longer see error messages in meetings

We’ve corrected an issue where an error message may have appeared when pressing the Join meeting button from the Bluescape lobby as an anonymous user on mobile.

Learn more: “Something went wrong” Error Message Appears when Attempting to Join a Meeting as an Anonymous Mobile User

:bug: Bug Fix: Join meeting button available for anonymous mobile users

We’ve fixed an issue where, when using the mobile app, the Join meeting button may have been non-functional when you attempted to attend a meeting as an anonymous user.

Learn more: “Join meeting” Button is Disabled for Anonymous Mobile Users

:bug: Bug Fix: Excel data can be easily copied as a notecard

We have corrected a bug that occurred when pasting one or more cells from Microsoft Excel into a workspace as a notecard, an “Upload failed” message at the top of the workspace, and any work performed there would not save.

Learn more: “Upload failed” Message Appears and Subsequent Work Does Not Save After Pasting Spreadsheet Cells into a Workspace

:bug: Bug Fix: Popsync image search no longer displays pulsing blue boxes

Previously, performing a Popsync image search, you may have seen image search results appear as a pulsing blue box. We’ve resolved this issue in the October update.

Learn more: Intermittent Blue Pulsing Box Appears when Performing a Popsync Image Search

:bug: Bug Fix: Complete workspace list visible when creating a mobile meeting

If you attempted to create a meeting using mobile, and there were many workspaces from which to choose, you could not scroll to see the complete list. This issue has been resolved.

Learn more: Unable to Scroll and Search Through the Entire List of Workspaces on Mobile

:bug: Bug Fix: Keyboard content placement in free text mode

We’ve corrected an issue where, while you were editing text in a notecard or free text field and selecting free text from the toolbar, pressing the Enter key to place the object did not result in any action.

Learn more: Unable to use Keyboard Content Placement for Free Text while in Text Edit Mode

:bug: Bug Fix: Stroke remains visible when hovering with the detail eraser

We’ve corrected an issue with the strokes feature where, previously if you created a stroke over a workspace element and then selected the detail eraser, the entire stroke would disappear when hovering the eraser tool over the stroke.

Learn more: Stroke Becomes Hidden when Hovered Over Using the Eraser Tool

:bug: Bug Fix: Pen tool provides consistent stroke quality on PDFs

We have resolved an issue where when you applied strokes to a PDF file and extracted pages from the PDF, the stroke thickness was inconsistent between the original and the extracted pages.

Learn more: Inconsistent Stroke Thickness Occurs when Working with Source PDF or Extracted Pages

:bug: Bug Fix: Accurate file format displayed in info panel for .TIFF and .JPG images

We’ve fixed an issue where the incorrect file format would appear in the info panel for uploaded .JPG and .TIFF files.

Learn more: Incorrect File Format Name Appears in Info Panel for .JPG and .TIFF Images

Open Bluescape to experience these improvements! :bluescape_home:

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Great work again, Bluescape Team!! Love ALL these updates. But especially thank you for bringing back scalable text. This is a HUGE time saver!



23.10.2 Update

Update to Workspace Toolbar

We’ve heard your feedback! Poppy :poppy: has moved back to the workspace toolbar for ease of access.

Learn More: Workspace Toolbar

23.10.3 Update

Bluescape 30-day trial subscription

Bluescape Go users can experience all of the benefits of the Pro and Business tier with our 30-day trial subscription.

Learn More: Bluescape Subscription FAQ