"Upload failed" Message Appears and Subsequent Work Does Not Save After Pasting Spreadsheet Cells into a Workspace

In Bluescape, when you paste one or more cells from Microsoft Excel into a workspace as a notecard, an “Upload failed” message appears at the top of the workspace, and any work subsequently performed in the workspace does not save.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enter data in to one or more cells in Excel.
  2. Copy those cells.
  3. Attempt to paste those cells into your workspace as a notecard. An “Upload failed” message appears, although the spreadsheet appears to paste successfully.
  4. Make further changes to your workspace.
  5. Refresh the workspace.

Expected result

The cells paste successfully and your subsequent work saves as expected.

Observed result

All actions performed after pasting in the workspace, including the pasting of cells as a notecard, do not save.

This issue is resolved in the Bluescape 23.10.1 release.

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