Uploaded Documents May Disappear After Using File Upload Tool

In Bluescape, when you upload multiple documents to the workspace, files may disappear after several minutes.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a workspace.

  2. Select :add_content: (Add content).

  3. Upload two (or more) documents using the :upload: (Upload) function. The files appear in your workspace.

Expected result

Multiple file uploads do not disappear from the workspace. When selecting the multiple file upload from the Activity feed, the workspace pans directly to the uploaded files.

Observed result

After several minutes, the uploaded files may disappear from your workspace. If you open the Activity feed and select the documents, the workspace zooms out and exposes a large area of the workspace. You also see error messages appear in the browser’s console panel.

This issue is resolved in the 23.11.1 Bluescape update.