"upload failed" issues

We are having lots of issues where we try to upload files - mostly pdfs - to the wall and the upload fails. they are much smaller than the 1GB limit per file and sometimes they work after 4 or 5 attempts but this has been happening very frequently. Any ideas what to look for to resolve this issue?

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Hello @kjshaffer,

First and foremost, welcome to the Community! Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that are known to help with intermittent upload issues.

If uploads are only failing while utilizing the Wall, please attempt the following:

  1. Verify the Bluescape Enterprise application is running the latest version of 21.12.1.

How to Verify the Bluescape Enterprise application version.

  • Launch the Bluescape Enterprise application.
  • Click ‘System Info’.
  • Verify the release displays 21.12.1 in the System Info pane.
  • Click System Control (i.e, gear icon from the System Info pane)
  • Click Restart Controller.


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