How to Change the Background Color of a Workspace

You can change the background color of a workspace on the web client or desktop application only if you are the workspace owner. This applies to all workspaces, including scratch workspaces.

Changing your workspace’s background color

Light mode is the default and is particularly useful if you want the workspace to look like a whiteboard.

To change the background color of your workspace:

  1. Select :more_options: (Workspace settings) next to the workspace title.
  2. A drop-down menu opens. Hover your mouse over the Background option.
  3. Another context menu opens. Select the Dark or Light option. Background changes you make are immediately visible to all users with access to your workspace.

    The light background - or light mode - is pictured above. The dark background - or dark mode - is pictured below:

    Note: The color of any existing notecards, text, or shapes in your workspace is retained when you change the color scheme, which may impact the visibility of some workspace content. For example, any white :text: (Text) you created when the workspace was in dark mode will remain white when you change to a light background.

Changing the workspace toolbar and menu colors

The user interface (UI) - such as toolbars and menus - does not change when the background color is switched.

To change your UI to match or contrast the workspace background, you must set your preferred color theme or display mode by Accessing Your Profile. Display settings you apply will be reflected in Bluescape Home, any existing workspace you open or refresh, and any new workspaces you create, as Display mode is a member-specific preference.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home:

Hi team, I followed the instructions to change workspace from dark to light. The menu says it is set to light. But my workspace is still dark. I rebooted to double check. Still tagged as light but showing dark. I’m using the web client on a mac. Anyone else having this problem?

Are you able to kindly share a screenshot of your workspace/what you see? Is it the background that is not changing from dark to light? Or would you also like to change the color of menus and toolbars?

Hello @Linda_Campbell1,

Can you confirm whether you are the workspace owner? If not, are you also experiencing this in your own workspaces?

Yes, I’m the owner of the workspace.

I was trying to change a single workspace and just the background, but I’ll try changing it in my profile. However, I think it might be a bug?


I have a hunch. @Linda_Campbell1, are you zoomed in on a new workspace with a solid black canvas?

I’ve honestly done this before :sweat_smile:

You are absolutely right! That’s exactly where I was. When I zoomed out, I could see the white grid :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the tip!