Accessing Your Profile

Your profile page allows you to view and edit certain account management settings. To access it, click your initials (or profile picture if you have added one) in the top banner of the My Bluescape home page.

Changing your display name

From your Profile, you can update your name and email address.

Password settings

This section of your profile is where you can update your Bluescape password.
The Forgot password? link redirects you to a new page and notifies you that an email has been sent to the email address saved in your Profile above. Follow the instructions in that email to reset your password.

Profile settings

Selecting Notify me by email when I receive a message will turn on notifications for the email address saved in your Profile above.
Selecting Open a workspace in a new tab will make it so that clicking on a workspace in My Bluescape automatically opens it in a new tab.

Changing Your Profile Picture

In addition, you can upload a profile picture for your account. To do so:

  1. Click the Upload new photo button in the Profile image section
  2. Select the image file from your computer you would like to be your profile picture
  3. Click Open
  4. The image displays, and you can crop it
  5. When you are finished, click Crop and upload photo
    The photo will replace your initials in the top banner on the home page and throughout the workspace. It will also display when you start or join a Meeting in Bluescape.

Connecting a mobile device

To complete your mobile device setup, click Connect a Mobile Device to open a QR code to scan from your tablet or mobile phone. We also recommend downloading the Bluescape Mobile app rather than running Bluescape through your mobile browser.
From your profile you can also find and copy your server hostname URL.

Changing your color theme

You can change the color theme in Bluescape, which changes the color of the background, menus, and toolbars. Changing the color theme from your profile will change the appearance of all My Bluescape pages, and any new workspace(s) you create. This can be a matter of personal preference, accessibility, or use case. For example, light mode is useful if you want a workspace to look like a whiteboard.
To change your color theme:

  1. Navigate to the Display mode section in your profile.
  2. Use the radio buttons to select Dark, Light, or High contrast mode.
    Dark mode is as pictured above.
    Light mode is as pictured below:
    High contrast mode is as pictured below:

The color of menus and tools will reflect the theme you selected, as well as the background of any new workspaces you create. However, existing workspaces will retain their original background color. For example, let’s say your Organization has dark mode by default. You create a workspace, then change to light mode in your My Bluescape profile. The workspace you created will have light menus and toolbars, but will still have a dark background, as pictured below:
If you are the workspace owner, Changing the Background Color of Your Workspace (Web) manually (to light or dark) is easy.

Manage your linked accounts

The Linked accounts section of your profile displays any third-party accounts you have linked with Bluescape, such as Office365. From here you can disconnect the link with those applications by clicking the Unlink button.

Log out of Bluescape

To log out of your account, click the Log out button at the bottom of the page.

View your Organization roles

The Organization membership section of your profile displays what Bluescape Organizations you belong to and your role within them.

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