[ANNOUNCEMENT] Reserve your personal Bluescape meeting room today 🎉, April 20, 2022

Support Note
This topic is not relevant to all Bluescape members and may not apply to all teams/organizations. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has this feature, please reach out to your IT department.

Hi, Bluescapers!

We’re excited to announce that you can now reserve your personal Bluescape meeting room :tada:

Reserve your personal Bluescape meeting room today!

What does this mean? You can reserve a personalized meeting room to share with key collaborators by creating a custom URL - a creative space to call your own.

Act quickly because personal meeting room names are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. We promise it only takes one minute to claim your name (or any custom URL of your choice).


What room name formats are accepted?

A minimum 6 characters, using letters, numbers, periods, and hyphens. No spaces or other special characters will be accepted.

When will I be able to use my personal meeting room link?

Summer 2022.

Can I reserve a personal meeting room even if I’m not a Bluescape member?

Yes. You would simply join Bluescape using the same email address you used to reserve your room. Then, you will be able to claim your personal meeting room name when it becomes available this summer.

Is this available across all Bluescape packages (Free, Teams, Business, and Enterprise)?

Yes. Anyone can reserve a room, even if you currently don’t have a Bluescape subscription.