[ANNOUNCEMENT] We have launched our Bluescape Community! 💥, Dec. 1, 2021

Well, Bluescapers, it’s finally here! We’re so excited to finally launch the Bluescape Community.

Our goal in this community is to spark collaboration and creativity and to help support you - our Bluescape members. We encourage you to share your questions, ideas, expertise, and insights working with Bluescape. This will help us make Bluescape become a better product overall, and especially for you. Learn How to Get Involved and engage with the community.

The construction of this community was a project undertaken by our Community Evangelists, along with the rest of the Bluescape Team. Research, strategizing, and lots of collaborating in workspaces have led to us creating a better platform to connect with you, and we can’t wait to get started.

Your voice is our community. Introduce yourselves by hitting Reply or start a discussion in #begin-here:the-lounge.

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