How to Get Involved 🌟

Let's get started within the Bluescape Community. We’re here to help you with some next steps on how you can get involved. 😊

If that works for you, then it works for us. Let’s see how you can get involved.

Introduce yourself :star2:

Once you’ve activated your account, share who you are with the Bluescape Community. Start a Discussion in The Lounge. You can also have watercooler discussions with other Community members and Bluescape staff!

Earn Badges and become a BluePro :star2:

Your voice is our community! Start a new topic or discussion anytime, anywhere within the Bluescape Community. The more you engage, the more your fellow Community members will look to you for advice. Learn all about the Bluescape Community Badges and how you’re acknowledged for your positive contributions and expertise.

Share your own success story :star2:

How has Bluescape helped you solve a problem, maximize your workflow, or make your team meetings more efficient? Share your success story to help other community members with similar Use Cases.

Take a look at our Community FAQs :star2:

You may ask yourself, “I’m new here. Where do I start?” We have you covered. Find answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as the Bluescape Community Guidelines.

Be in the know about what’s Coming Soon :star2:

Our Community Team is working hard to introduce more features soon for you and your colleagues. Stay tuned on General News and be among the first to know what’s coming.

Where to Next?

Still have questions? Reply and the community will come to your aid.