Why should my team use Bluescape?

Are you curious about using Bluescape? In this topic, you will gain access to use cases and our blog and learn about signing up and leveraging the Bluescape Community.

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What Bluescape Has to Offer

So, what is the deal with Bluescape? You can immerse, impress, and engage with others in a workspace. Our customers range from artists to commercial design companies, students to educators, public servants to filmmakers, and more. Remotely or not, bring your team together to brainstorm, review, and collaborate on projects. Bluescape can help you take your ideas to the next level.

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How to Get Bluescape

Getting into a Bluescape workspace for the first time can be done in various ways. To join Bluescape, register your organization and start work right away. If you belong to an organization already using Bluescape, contact your IT department to inquire about licenses.

Registering an account

Depending on your business or personal needs, you can compare the pricing of our various packages. If you like to dive right in, get started today with our free plan, Bluescape Go.

If you haven’t registered and a Bluescape member wants to collaborate with you now, it’s easy for you to participate as a visitor.

Visitor access

You don’t need to have an existing Bluescape account to view a workspace if it’s public. If someone invites you to a meeting, hopping in is quick and simple.

Seamless access

Enterprise customers can configure SSO to quickly access Bluescape using your work credentials.

Connect with Fellow Bluescapers

Register today and start establishing your footprint in the Bluescape Community. Connect with like-minded members who are curious, innovative, and successful.

Welcome! And remember, your voice is our community. Happy learning.

Where to Next?

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