What is Bluescape?

Welcome to Bluescape. Click to play the video.

Bluescape is a cloud-based visual collaboration tool designed to help people and enterprises produce their best work. Your work is available anywhere you have an internet connection and can be accessed simultaneously by other collaborators virtually or in person. Your team can interact in real-time regardless of location or time zone using a unique set of tools that improve and streamline your existing workflows.

Digital tools like note cards, pen writing, and canvases mirror traditional analog methods, while the ability to insert browser windows and web-hosted content brings the internet to your fingertips.

How can I access Bluescape?

Bluescape is accessible via multiple hardware options, including laptops, mobile devices, and large format touch displays.

Supported browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge with Chromium
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Supported devices

You can access Bluescape using any device, but the most common are:

  • Mac or Windows laptop via a supported browser
  • Bluescape Wall (Large Format Touch Display)
  • Mobile phone and tablet (Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

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