Student's Guide to Getting Started

This topic will help guide you through the first steps in using Bluescape for your courses. You'll learn how to gain access to your account, your instructor's workspace(s), and your own.


Activating Your Account :white_check_mark:

Once you’ve self-registered for Bluescape through your institution, look for an email from Follow the link from the email to create your password for login. This will activate your account.

Explore Workspaces Available to You :mag:

Once your account is active, you can start exploring workspaces. You may already have access to your instructor’s workspace or be invited to join later.

Go to Bluescape Home :bluescape_home: to see all workspaces you’ve been invited into. Click on a workspace to enter.

Access Workspace from Bluescape Home

Note: As soon as you’re invited to join your instructor’s workspace, you will receive an email from Follow the link in the email to access your instructor’s workspace. Navigate around the workspace to prepare for your first day of class.

Create Your Own Workspace :magic_wand:

When you sign up for Bluescape, you get more than just access to your instructor’s workspace. Your Space has all the basic features of Bluescape and the freedom to use workspaces however you need. You can access Your Space from the left-hand sidebar in Bluescape Home.

Create up to two workspaces for personal use, invite others, and take advantage of all the awesome features.

Why create a workspace of your own?

Below are 8 ways to start using a workspace:

Invite Others to Join You in Your Workspace :handshake:

Study sessions, collaborating on group assignments, and assignment reviews are all great reasons to invite other collaborators into your workspace.

Share schedules, upload coursework or presentations, add feedback using reactions and sticky notes, and host meetings to discuss while you collaborate. There are so many ways great ways to work together.

We hope you have a great semester in Bluescape. :grinning: If you run into any challenges or need support along the way, post a new topic in this category. We’re happy to help!

Go to Bluescape Home and create your own workspace.