Board games in a Workspace? Why not!

Some time ago I realized that the current workspace functionality allows us to create and play some simple board games.

I decided to try it and created chess and checkers from available elements and some images. It worked out pretty good and the cool part is that it can be saved as a template, so you can start a new game in several clicks by simply adding it from the templates.

Check it out live in my workspace: Bluescape


That looks awesome, @andrii.prashcharuk!
I made a tic-tac-toe game a while back. A game that doesn’t require nearly as much skill.

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Hi Michelle, I have some board games that I received from my previous Bluescape CRM 4 years ago in case you or anyone else at Bluescape would like them. There’s golf, air hockey, match the quote to the person, football, puzzles and darts.


:star_struck: This is so cool.

I would definitely love to see how these work, especially the golf. And I am so surprised I never thought of puzzles before…genius! :thinking: Props to your former CSM.

Have you ever tried making one of your own, @swjurgens? :smirk:

Wow, that’s awesome! Do you know how they were implemented? Especially interesting is the golf :thinking:

We used these games to get team members to be comfortable using the large touch screen “wall” during training sessions.

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The games are artwork someone created and then uploaded as image files.

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So, @andrii.prashcharuk, we have a bit of an idea of how the golf game works.

@swjurgens was kind enough to share their workspace with someone from Bluescape and we tried the game.

I believe the golf game would work best on the Wall, as objects have momentum when you move them. You would essentially be click-dragging the golf ball in a sort of flicking motion, letting it land wherever. I don’t believe this behavior is built into Bluescape on smaller touch-capable devices.

But if you feel like playing a game of :x: tic-tac-toe :o: or decide to make a puzzle you want tested, I’m down!

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That’s cool! I didn’t know that objects on the Wall have momentum when user move them. It makes sense now, how these interactive games work.
I don’t think we have this behaviour in web client, but it would be pretty cool to be able at lease turn it on/off in the settings :slight_smile: