March 2022 Release Notes Summary

Support Note
Some features included in this release may not apply to your team/organization. If you’re unsure whether your team/organization has a certain feature, please reach out to your IT department.

With :basketball: March Madness :basketball: right around the corner, our next release has you set to build your winning tournament bracket in Bluescape! Disclaimer: Building your bracket in Bluescape does not guarantee the win, although that would be nice.


Sharing a Workspace Link with an Expiration Date :stopwatch:

Workspace owners and editors can now control how long a workspace sharing link is active. Setting an expiration date for your workspace link is optional, but does add an extra layer of security.

The link will expire on the date you set at midnight local time. A user who clicks on the link after it has expired will be met with an error message.

Note: Only one link can be created per workspace and exist at one time. If you need to change the expiration date, you will have to delete the existing link and create a new one.
Anyone with this link can view workspace content and does not require a Bluescape account.

Learn More: Sharing a Workspace (Web)

UX Improvements (Web)

User experience improvements give you that feeling when your favorite team goes on a 15 – 0 run right before halftime. Let’s explore some of the UX improvements included in this month’s release.

1. Customize the size of your notecards and shapes when placing them into a workspace.

Choose a shape or notecard. Hover over where you wish to place it in the workspace. A blue preview of your selection will appear. Once ready to place, click, hold, and drag the element to your desired size and release.

Learn More: Adding Shapes, Lines, and Arrows to a Workspace

2. Duplicate notecards with text faster, using shortcut Ctrl + D (Mac and PC).

Highlight the text you wish to copy into a new notecard and click Ctrl + D. A new notecard will populate to the right of the original notecard.

Shortcut Ctrl + D on Notecards with Text

Learn more: Adding a Notecard to a Workspace (Web)

3. New icons in the Pen menu to help distinguish pen and eraser.

Pen Menu

Learn More: Workspace Content Toolbar

4. The ability to move a layer backward or forward has been applied to group selections and canvases.

Learn more: Group Selecting Assets (Web)

5. Copy and paste text from a workspace into third-party programs such as Slack or Microsoft Word, using the system clipboard.

Learn more: How to Copy, Cut, and Paste Assets in a Workspace (Web)

Notable Bug Fixes & Improvements

Group Select Objects in Canvases

Bluescapers noted that when adding new elements such as notecards or shapes to a group selection, the background canvas was unintentionally selected.

:bug: Bug Fix: This was a bug that has been addressed in this release. Background elements including canvases are not unintentionally selected in the group selection.

Learn more: Group Selecting Assets (Web)

Text Box - Tab Functionality

There are two modes when working with text boxes; edit and selection mode.

  • Clicking the ‘tab’ key in edit mode (meaning you’re actively editing the text contained in the text box) will insert a tab in the text box.
    Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 4.00.45 PM

  • Clicking the ‘tab’ key in selection mode will walk you through the element menu options, beginning with font.
    Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 3.53.07 PM

Note: You can click ‘esc’ on your keyboard to leave edit mode and return to selection mode quickly.

Learn more: Adding Text to a Workspace (Web)

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