[ANNOUNCEMENT] A Year in Review - The Best of Bluescape 2021 ⭐, Dec. 21, 2021

At the beginning of 2021, we made a commitment to improve our product, features, and build the most secure and collaborative whiteboard experience for all! This year, we can confidently say we’ve kept that promise, all thanks to the innovative and constructive feedback you’ve given us along the way.

Before we charge into 2022, it’s important we reflect on how far we’ve come together, the work we’ve done to deliver on our promise, and the direction we plan to go. So, please join us as we look back on the accomplishments, we’ve achieved together this year!

1. Advancements for Better Collaboration :handshake:

Many companies have adopted a more flexible working environment where team members have become even more distributed. That’s why we’ve focused on advancing Bluescape’s collaboration tools.

A few features to highlight:

Bluescape Meetings

  • Native voice and video meetings with the ability to dial-in
  • Virtually meet with your team or invite guests to join a meeting from anywhere in the world.
  • Host scheduled and ad-hoc meetings right in a workspace.
  • Record your meeting’s audio to playback later so you don’t miss a beat.

The Bluescape App

  • Download the Bluescape Mobile App and collaborate on the go!
  • Use touch-tools such as the Apple Pencil for a seamless drawing experience – just like putting pen to paper! |
  • Upload images into a workspace, straight from your device.


  • Use emojis to give kudos and make quick decisions.
  • They’re great for polling and soliciting feedback.

More Collaboration Tools

  • Shared Cursors – View cursors of all collaborators in a workspace to improve real-time working sessions.
  • Timer – You can set individual or team timers with audible alerts to keep tasks on track, and meetings running on time.


2. Improvements for Creation :art:

Creativity comes to life in Bluescape. We have significantly improved Bluescape’s creation tools so that you can spend more time bringing your ideas to life using assets in the workspace.

A few features to highlight:

ShotGrid Integration

  • Users can easily send ShotGrid playlists, assets, versions, and shots to Bluescape to help make review processes seamless.


Custom Colors and Themeing

  • Get creative with custom colors! Use the color picker to customize your pen, canvas, shape, notecard, and text colors.
  • We also introduced three custom themes: Light, Dark, and High Contrast.


  • Over 200 templates have been added to our template library. |

More Creation Tools

  • Alignment and Layout Tools - Visual cues, group resize, bulk formatting options – the list goes on to improve how you can work with assets in the workspace.
  • Extract individual pages from Slides & PDFs and see them side-by-side.

3. Security Achievements :lock:

Protecting your content and data is of utmost importance. We are the most secure online whiteboarding tool on the market.

Looking back on some certifications and achievements received this year:

  • Achieved a perfect score of 100 on Security Scorecard

  • Passed FedRamp Moderate + IL4 audit, soon to be “FedRamp In-Process”

  • ISO 27001 Official Audit and Re-Certification (Zero Non-conformities)

  • SOC 2 Official Audit and Certification (Zero Non-conformities)

4. Bluescape Community :tada:

Last month, we launched the Bluescape Community to provide our customers with real-time communication, collaboration, and support. In the community, users can connect with Bluescapers around the world, learn new skills, and share knowledge and experiences.

We’re so grateful for all your continued trust, support, and innovative feedback. Together, let’s continue to build a better Bluescape for all.

Here’s to what’s to come in 2022!

-The Bluescape Team