Educators and Administrators: Setting Up a Lecture

Welcome all administrators and educators using Bluescape in your classrooms!

We’ve curated a list of tips and topics to help you get started and jump right into setting your classrooms up for success.

1. Create a New Workspace Add a New workspace

From Bluescape Home, create a new workspace dedicated to your classroom. Customize the name of your workspace so students can recognize the workspace as the class they are enrolled in the first time they join.

2. Set Up a Workspace as Your Virtual Classroom

Here’s the fun part! Once you create a new workspace, you become the owner of that workspace — one workspace - endless opportunities.

  • Upload content like your syllabus, PDFs, PowerPoints, videos, and more :upload:
  • Use templates to structure your lectures :template:
  • Hyperlink text or objects to external sites :link:

For more ideas, check out: Best Ways to Organize Your Virtual Classroom

3. Invite Students to Join You in Your Workspace Invite

Now it’s time to invite your students into your workspace.

Learn more: Sharing Your Workspace

You determine what level of access you’d like your students to have. This depends on the purpose of the workspace and how you’d like your students to interact with your content.

Note: Educators may wish to have two workspaces dedicated to their course. In some cases, educators reserve one workspace for students to have view-only access to attend lectures and revisit course material, such as course overviews and lectures. A second workspace can exist for students to upload assignments or presentations, host interactive review sessions, and receive real-time feedback on their work.

Here are some workspace access-level suggestions:

  • Editor - This workspace role is best for actively collaborating with students in your workspace. They can interact with your workspace content, leave reactions to your lectures, upload their assignments, and more.

  • Commentor - This workspace role is best for allowing students to leave comments on workspace content and ask questions in their own time. Students cannot edit, upload or download content but can view all content in the workspace.

  • Viewer - This workspace role is view-only. This workspace role is best if you only host lectures in your Bluescape classroom and do not intend to collaborate virtually with students.

Learn more: Workspace Roles

4. Conduct Your First Lecture in Bluescape

Once students are invited and can access your workspace, leverage Bluescape’s features to create an interactive, fun, and engaging classroom.

Here are some top interactive features to use during your lectures:

Lead/Follow Lead

As an educator, the lead/follow feature is your best friend. Use the mighty Lead button to keep your students focused on the same area of the workspace during lectures.

Meetings Meet now

Host virtual lectures using Bluescape Meetings. Conduct one-on-one sessions with students to review work, or connect virtually with your classroom assistants in one workspace.

Timer Timer

Great for in-classroom breakout discussions, work sessions, exams, and more. Set a timer for any time to keep students focused and lectures on track.

Now it’s your turn to set your first classroom up in Bluescape.

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